365 Days to Online Passive Income Videos 179-212 – April Income Report

In this latest article on my 365 Days to Online Passive Income Videos 179-212, you’ll get a progress report towards earning online passive income in April 2018.

365 Days to Online Passive Income Videos 179-212 April income report

April gross income

  • Teachable income – $21.34 CAD

April expenses

  • Fiverr.com graphic design work – $7.76 CAD
  • Teachable platform – $51.58 CAD
  • Godaddy.com domain renewal – $70.46 CAD

April net loss

  • $108.46

365 Days to Online Passive Income Videos 179-212 progress report

April 2018 was a tough month for me. My productivity suffered greatly as a result of dealing with a lot of personal problems. I’m finding a solution for it now and hopefully, come June 2018, I will have it resolved and my productivity will be back to normal.

What did I do wrong?

In terms of actual work on my digital products and working towards earning online passive income, I definitely did many things wrong. First, I didn’t chunk my work down to smaller pieces. As a result, I felt overwhelmed many times at the big task at hand.

From now on, I need to draw a process map in order to see the bigger picture and tackle smaller task one by one.

The other area where I could have made some progress but didn’t is towards my Udemy course. Despite struggling with creating and publishing my new Teachable courses, I could have at least done some work on Udemy.

One of my goals for 2018 is to have 15-16 Udemy courses generating passive income while I work on building up my Teachable courses and YouTube channel.

I could have completed 1-2 more Udemy courses if the bottleneck I was experiencing with my Teachable courses was too much to handle. Instead, I let the bottle neck with my Teachable courses consume my time and energy which resulted in less productive work.

What did I do right?

I finished one Udemy course and one Teachable course in the month of April 2018. This means that despite all the setbacks, I am still moving forward.

I’m quite pleased with the graphic design work done for me by the freelancer I’ve been hiring from Fiverr.com so at least in that area, it’s been going smoothly.

Will May 2018 be better?

No, it won’t be that much better in terms of income because May is when I renew my domain hosting. I will definitely be in the red again in May and I am hoping I can recoup the losses in the months of June, July, August, September, and so forth.

The months of May and October is when I pay the most amount of money when it comes to paying for online hosting and services I use to run a blog and online business. The only way I can get ahead is if I double my efforts or find a way to have a more productive environment.

I’ve actually come up with a plan to increase my productivity and hopefully by June, I can get it implemented.

Take away from 365 Days to Online Passive Income Videos 179-212

It’s just one of those things when trying to build up an online business.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. It’s an up and down journey and right now, I’m in the downward slope of things. I am hoping that after I ride out the downward curve that it will start climbing up even higher than before.

The only thing that can predict success is how much work I put into this online business endeavor. At the end of the day, the responsibility lies with me and I cannot make any excuses for poor results.

365 Days to Online Passive Income Videos 179-212

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