How to Get Marriott Platinum Status In Just 9 Stays (TIME SENSITIVE)

With the Marriott and SPG program projected to merge into one this coming August, now is the most crucial time to get Marriott Platinum Status before the big change.

How do you qualify for the Marriott Platinum Status challenge?

In order to qualify for the Marriott Platinum Status challenge, you must first already have Gold Status with Marriott.

If you don’t have Gold Status with Marriott, you can read this article I wrote over two years ago on how to fast track your way to Marriott Gold Status:

However, I’m not sure if you have enough time to complete both status challenge before the projected program merge this coming August.

The fastest way to get Marriott Gold Status is to simply get one of the American Express Platinum cards. The credit card automatically qualifies you for Gold Status with Starwood Preferred Guest. Because both programs are linked, this automatically makes you Gold Status with Marriott as well.

Here’s a referral link that gives you extra AMEX points for their Platinum card series if you need it:

As you can see, one of the big reasons to get on board with completing the Marriott Platinum Status challenge is because the SPG program is disappearing into Marriott and we have no idea what’s going to happen next. It’s best to be safe than sorry.

What to do next after you’ve obtained or already have Gold Status with Marriott

The next step to getting Marriott Platinum Status is to contact Marriott through this link:

On the subject line, put “Platinum Challenge”.

Here’s an example of an email you can send them:

“Dear Marriott,

This coming Summer, I plan on going away on vacation and my partner and I would love to stay in your properties. I would like to apply for the Marriott Platinum Challenge and we’ll make sure to complete the challenge during our vacation.

My Marriott number is: [put your Marriott number here]


[Put your name here]”

What happens next?

After requesting for the Marriott Platinum challenge, a representative will get back to you with an email offering the Marriott Platinum Status challenge to you.

They’ll give you roughly 3 months to complete this challenge. In order to complete the Marriott Platinum status challenge, you must complete 9 paid stays at any Marriott properties.

What counts as one “stay”

If you book two consecutive nights or more, that counts as one stay. Ideally, what you want to do is check in at one Marriott property, check out the next day then check in at another nearby Marriott property. By going back and forth, you’re not staying at one Marriott for more than one night.


  • Friday – one night in Bellingham
  • Saturday – one night in Seattle
  • Sunday – one night in Bellingham

Total = 3 stays

But, if you do the following:

  • Friday – one night in Seattle
  • Saturday – one night in Seattle (same hotel brand as above)
  • Sunday – one night in Seattle (same hotel brand as above)

Total = 1 stay

I hope that makes sense.

Benefits of Marriott Platinum Status

marriott platinum status


Another great benefit of the Marriott Platinum Status is getting a jump start getting an airline status:

marriott platinum status

Once you have one airline status, you can begin status matching with other airlines for an indefinite amount of time which is pretty awesome.

I’ve personally just got approved for the Marriott Platinum Challenge and will complete the 9 stays by staying at several different Marriott hotel properties in the next 3 months. Many of my friends are getting married out of town and so it makes sense to book my nights at a Marriott property to complete the challenge.

Do you plan on completing the Marriott Platinum Challenge?

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