Earn 35,000 Asia Miles + Green Tier Membership to Marco Polo Club

In this latest promotion, the RBC Cathay Pacific VISA Platinum is offering a rare 35,000 Asia Miles bonus. However, after looking closer, the last 10,000 miles can only be earned after renewing membership the following year.


Asia Miles


How you will earn the Asia Miles:

  • 15,000 Asia Miles after being approved for the credit card
  • 10,000 Asia after spending $6000 in the first 3 months
  • 10,000 Asia miles after the first anniversary of opening the credit card account

Despite the having a higher sign up bonus than usual, $6,000 is a hefty minimum spend requirement if you’re only going to earn an additional 10,000 miles. On top of that, you need to wait a full year to earn the last 10,000 miles. You can possibly cancel the card after they give you that last 10,000 miles and request to be pro-rated.

However, let’s look at the card details closer and see if this card is worth getting at all:

  • Annual fee – $120
  • Potentially earn up to 35,000 Asia miles
  • Complimentary first year Green Tier Membership to Cathay Pacific’s Marco Polo Club

The annual fee is quite standard for a credit card. The 35,000 miles earned is decent, I suppose it makes up for the $120 annual fee. After looking at the rewards chart here:


Asia Miles

It looks like you can take a one way economy flight to Hong Kong or somewhere in Asia for 40,000 Asia Miles. This is a decent redemption especially if you stack it with using your Alaska Miles to fly back home to Canada.

However, I think one of the biggest highlight of this card might be the Green Tier Membership to Marco Polo Club. It normally cost $100 to join but with the RBC Cathay Pacific VISA, you get it free for the first year. If you plan on earning miles or building status with the Marco Polo Club, this might be a nice jump start to joining the program.

The Marco Polo Club also has hotel and car rental benefits. Check out the image below to see what you can get with the Green Tier Membership to Marco Polo Club:


Also, if by chance you can status match the Green Tier to Marco Polo club to another airline, then that would definitely be a huge incentive to get this card. I don’t have any information regarding the Green Tier being eligible for status match with another airline so if anyone has any info on this, that would be great.


I will most likely skip getting this card but it might be a decent option to anyone who is out of “low hanging fruit” credit cards to get.

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