365 Days to Online Passive Income Videos 110-129: Udemy

In this latest blog post, you’ll get a summary of my 365 Days to Online Passive Income Videos 110-129.

365 Days to Online Passive Income Videos 110-129 summary

One of the biggest struggles I had when working towards building online passive income is getting sick. During the last 2 week, I was struggling with flu and it’s not until today (as of writing this article) that I am feeling much better.

However, I still managed to get some work done during the past 2 weeks regardless of getting sick. (Mostly planning and building my PowerPoint slides for my next online course)


I decided to take a break from working on travel based courses in the meantime and focus on my side hobbies. One of my good friend said that you can make money from your passions and interests. I decided to put to the test by building online courses on some of my side hobbies.

Specifically, I really enjoy personality types and decided I would make online courses on the Myers Briggs personalities. However, because I mainly blog about travel, I decided I would launch the course on Udemy instead.

If you don’t know what Udemy is, it’s an online platform where you can teach a course and sell it online.

Udemy will do all the marketing for you so you don’t have to worry about finding an audience. The catch is that Udemy will take 50-75% of your revenue because they’re doing all the promotions for you.

Is it a good idea to sell courses on Udemy? Yes it is if you don’t have an existing audience or if you’re selling something outside of your existing blog or social media platform.

The rule of thumb is that if your course is good and you crank out 5-6 courses, you can expect to earn about $1000 per month. That sounds good to me and enough to motivate me to start working on publishing more online courses.

365 Days to Online Passive Income Videos 110-129 – Udemy

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