What’s Next After 380 Days of Travel Around the World

After 380 days of travel around the world, I set my eyes on my next mission: to visit all 193 UN recognized countries by April 2022. This means I am back again to what I was doing prior to my 380 days of travel around the world: buckling down and start saving money.

As of writing this article, I managed to secure all my job at my previous employer prior to travelling. Slowly, I am picking up more shifts. By summer, I expect myself to be working full time once again.

Why not work full time now, why wait until summer?

Well, one of the biggest obstacle I faced during my travel was running out of money. Looking back, I still vividly remember the last few days of my journey. At that time, I wasn’t ready to go home. To be honest, 380 days of travel around the world is simply not enough. After speaking with other travellers, it seems that the 1.5 year mark is when you start feeling sick of travelling. And, because I was still roughly 6 months away from travelling for 1.5 years, going home wasn’t what I wanted to do.

I would have loved to have stayed longer and explored the three final countries I travelled to: Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Afterwards, I would have liked to have gotten a VISA to Russia and go there as my next destination. Going back home to Canada wasn’t what I wanted. Ideally, I wanted to keep going east through Russia, Turkey, and the “STAN” countries.


380 days of travel around the world


The bright side of going back home after 380 days of travel around the world

Regardless, of what I want, I was out of money and going back home was the logical decision. However, since coming back, I know now my main goal besides saving up money is to generate online passive income. I need to make at least $1000 a month on pure online passive income before I leave Canada again to finish my journey.

$1000 a month is all you need to survive in countries outside of developed ones like Canada, USA, and several European countries. If I can secure passive income through different online sources, I will be golden. Even if my savings run low during my next journey, I don’t need to go back home. I can simply travel slower and still achieve this endeavour.

This is why I decided not to work full time just yet. I decided to work part-time while for now so I have the time to setup all the online passive income channels.

What sort of online passive income channel do I plan on building up? There are several ways you can make online passive income; however, I will go the online course route because that’s what I enjoy and there is a demand for it.

Online courses

Online courses I plan on selling includes travel and other topics that are not related to travel. At the moment, I have one course for sale at Teachable. My next goal is to create several courses on my other areas of expertise and sell them on the e-learning platform called Udemy. The good thing about Udemy is that it’s a set it and forget it kind of deal. Assuming there’s a demand for your online course, you can sell several courses there and generate that passive income stream.

Fellow blogger, Ricky Shetty, is selling 5-6 different courses on Udemy and is generating over $1000+ per month. He is now able to extend the length of his journey as he travels with his three kids and wife throughout the world.

This is my goal and I expect to have all those passive income channels setup by May or June of this year (as for when they start generating income, we’ll find out in the future!).

When do I plan on travelling long term again?

At this moment, I set my eyes for December 2019 as my departure date for my next adventure. This time around, I plan on travelling around the world for two years instead of one. I plan on leaving on December 2019 because that’s when Karen will be off work to travel. Just like last time, Karen and hopefully family members and friends will accompany me during the starting point of my trip.

At this point, I still have 118 UN recognized countries to visit and 1 observer country. The next part of my journey will be tougher because I need to start applying for VISAS ahead of time. I will also be travelling extensively in Africa which is the most difficult region to complete alongside the Middle East.

I do plan on travelling in between saving up money and before my departure date in December. Hopefully, I can tick off as many of the difficult African and Middle Eastern countries before leaving Canada.

Unlike my previous 380 days of travel around the world, if need be, I will fly back to Canada to get some rest or secure some VISAS.

The next two years will be full of hard work as I save up money and build up my passive income sources. I am determined to complete this mission before I get married and have kids. You can say…this is my final journey before I move to the next stage of my life. And I want to end this current stage of my life by going to every single country in the world.

Up next…my game plan to visit all 193 UN countries and the 5 observer countries. See you then.

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