365 Days to Online Passive Income Videos 88-109: Music Video Result + Next Project

In 365 Days to Online Passive Income Videos 88-109, I talk about my journey from completing my music video, to releasing it on YouTube. Afterwards, the results so far 3 weeks after it’s launched date.

Phase 1: music video release

The days prior to releasing the music video was a stressful one. It took tons of effort while being sleep deprived to finally complete the launch. Truthfully, the music video was completed back on November 1st; however, I wanted to make sure I had an online course ready to sell prior to launching it. So, I ended up spending the entire November putting together an around the world course. Once it was completed, I spent December building up the sales funnel.

When it came time to finally launch the music video, the music video was only partially completed. Unfortunately, I did not realize the scope of the project and underestimated the time I needed to complete it. As of today, it is still not complete; though, closer to completion than back in early January.

The main problem is that building the sales funnel is extremely tedious and confusing. Up to this day, I only work on it bit by bit and hopefully reach completion sometime at the end of January.

As far as results go, two copies of this new digital product has been purchased.

Phase 2: directing traffic to the music video and result so far

Directing traffic to the music video turned out to be an expected task. I didn’t realize how much effort it would be to push it during the initial stages. What I ended up doing are following:

  • Messaged most of my Facebook friends and asked them to leave a like, comment, share, and subscribe if they enjoyed the music video
  • Pasted a link of the music video on different travel Facebook groups (I actually ended up getting blocked by Facebook temporarily because I pasted the link on too many different Facebook groups in such a short period of time)
  • Crafted threads on reddit with a link to the music video – this one turned out to be quite effective and I definitely liked this channel
  • Shared links of the music video on other travel youtube videos to link back to mine
  • Emailed Chris Guillebeau and see if he would like to share the music video if he likes it. Which he did! Check out his twitter on Jan 6 to see the video!
  • Collaborated with other Youtubers to exchange comments.

The result so far is over 1000 views, 89 likes, and 73 comments. I think this is a good start because it’s beginning to catch traction and I’m hoping it goes viral.

Next phase: Udemy

My next phase is to create courses on Udemy. If you’re wondering, what is Udemy? It is an online learning platform where you can publish courses you make to sell to the public. The company, Udemy, will do all the marketing for you, and you simply need to publish the course. On the downside, Udemy takes 50% of the revenue and has complete control on the pricing.

When should you sell an online course on Udemy? If you ever have that side skill or talent that you can help solve people’s problems, then go ahead and make an online course and sell it on Udemy. This is a good way to monetize your existing talents or skills without having to build a blog or an online audience.

I’ll post more updates on this as I see more results.

365 Days to Online Passive Income Videos 88-109


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