380 Days Around the World Music Video Released!

On September 13, 2016, with $15,500 CAD in my bank account, I left Vancouver, BC, Canada to travel around the world. However, I ended up making more money during my travels thanks to: tax return, my relatives in Philippines giving me the Chinese red pocket envelope for Christmas, and getting paid to write for another travel blog. So I had roughly spent $18,700 USD on my trip (I’ll have the exact breakdown in an upcoming blog post). During my travels, I was able to visit 70 countries in 6 different continents. Here is the 380 days around the world music video!

380 days around the world music video


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In the upcoming blog post, I will be going into detail on my one year around the world spending breakdown. You’ll see how much money I spent on each country and a breakdown on what I spent my money on. This includes money I spent on food, accommodations, flights, transportations, and many more.

In another upcoming blog post, I will be covering my entire 380 days around the world travel stats. You’ll see which airline I took the most, and the complete breakdown on the types of accommodations I used. Then, you’ll see how much frequent flyer miles I manage to burn during my trip.

Usually, people aren’t happy to reach bankruptcy. But during my one year trip, I reached points and miles bankruptcy! This is a good thing because points and miles depreciate in value overtime so it’s best to continually burning them instead of saving them.

Finally, you’ll see what the next project I’m working on after completing my first one year around the world adventure.

Enjoy the 380 days around the world music video!

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