The Final Bus Journey of My One Year Trip Through Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia

After flying out of Minsk, Belarus, I was now on the final two days of my one year trip. I usually hate long bus rides, especially overnight ones, but this one felt bitter sweet. I was taking one final overnight bus that will take me from Lithuania, through Latvia, and arriving in Estonia the next morning.



After travelling now for over 375 days, taking a long bus ride is quite normal for me. So when it came time to board my final long distance bus, I smiled and said to myself “here we go, one last time before my journey ends”.

A feeling of dread came upon my body as soon as I took my seat. My one year trip around the world is finally coming to an end. I’ll be going home soon, back to “reality” and back to work. Somehow, I wasn’t really looking forward to it.

Lithuania and Latvia

The bus ride was surprisingly comfortable. I went with a company called Eurolines and each seat was able to recline quite far back. They also had a small tv monitor in front of each sit if you want to watch a movie.






I took quite a bit of risk taking this long bus ride. I had a flight the next day going from Estonia flying to Amsterdam where I would catch my flight back to North America. If the bus ride gets delayed for some reason, I might be in big trouble because I’ll miss my flight to Amsterdam which will then cause me to miss my flight back to North America.

Thankfully the ride was pretty punctual and overall, uneventful except for one random guy screaming “FUCK LATVIA” while we had a 30 minute stop at Riga.

Arriving in Estonia and flying out to Amsterdam

Despite the bus ride being over 9 hours long, it seemed to breeze by. Before I knew it, we had arrived at Tallinn.

The capital city of Estonia seems easy to navigate. I managed to take the tram near the central bus station to the airport.




The city of Tallinn seemed really nice, I wish I had more time to explore. But for now, my trip through Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia would have to be just to tick off that I’ve been in those three countries.

I managed to check in early in the airport and grab a bite to eat while I wait to board the airplane going to Amsterdam.


One of the reason I decided to fly out of Amsterdam to go back to North America is because I didn’t want to deal with any last minute headaches before going home. Dutch people speak English really well and Amsterdam is one of the easiest cities to navigate. And yes, everything did go smoothly.

Will I return to the Baltic countries?

Yes, I will definitely return to Estonia one day because it is hands down one of the best countries in the world to setup a business. They have one of the world’s lowest corporate tax making it a great place to setup a business.

I’d also like to explore the old town which looks to be the best looking of the three Baltic countries.

While my time was short in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, I’m glad I went through taking that final bus ride before flying back home to Canada.

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