365 Days to Online Passive Income Videos 64-77: My Experience Hiring Freelancers

From videos 64-77 of 365 Days to Online Passive Income, I talk about the final uphill push to complete the Around the World digital product I am creating.

The process has been tough because there is a lot of new things I have to learn in terms of creating a digital product and marketing it afterwards.

Here are some key knowledge I learned so far during this journey:

Hiring freelancers to do graphic design work

Hiring freelancers to do some work for me has been one of my biggest challenges during my journey to build an online business.

The idea of hiring freelancers online is to pay developing country price for the same type of work that would cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars here in North America. I learned about this concept from Tim Ferriss’ book: The Four Hour Work Week.

Bangladesh freelancer

My first attempt at hiring a freelancer was back when I had a fitness business. I hired a man from Bangladesh through the website Elance.com (now merged to upwork.com) to build my website and it wasn’t a good experience to say the least. First, he did not meet the deadline we set and he purposely worked slower so he can charge me more per hour. The website he made was decent but dealing with the guy was such a pain that I didn’t attempt to hire another freelancer for a long while.

New Zealand freelancer company

Next, I hired a freelancing company from New Zealand to build me another website. I figure, since I’ll be hiring someone from a developed country, the quality of the work and service would be better.

Boy, was I wrong. I hired a company called Performance Foundry and to my surprise, as soon as I paid them, they stopped working on my website!

To make matters worst, the owner stopped replying back to my emails. It wasn’t until I contacted a medium (owner of Travel Blog Success), that the issue was resolved. Mainly because the guy was scared his reputation would get tarnished from the terrible customer service.

Since then, I haven’t hired another freelancer again.

Nigerian freelancer

Fast forward to December 2017, I needed some graphic design work done for my upcoming product launch. Reluctantly, I went to a website called Fiverr.com to hire a freelancer who I paid $22 to make three different designs for me.

I was blown away! The customer service was great, the price was cheap and the graphic design work was fantastic!

Now I know to hire from Fiverr.com as oppose to the other freelancing websites. They seem to deliver the best bang for your money with reliable freelancers.

Final uphill battle for 365 Days to Online Passive Income Days 64-77

Now that the graphic design work is complete, I’m working on making the power point slides for the sales videos. I’m also making the sales funnel and learning how to use a new email subscriber company called ActiveCampaign.

The launch date for the online course and music video will be on January 2nd. Ironically, that will be exactly 90 days from when I started the 365 Days to Online Passive Income series.

365 Days to Online Passive Income Videos 64-77


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