365 Days to Online Passive Income Videos 50-63

This blog post is a quick summary of what happened in 365 days to online passive income days 50-63.

During the last 13 days, I completed filming all the videos for the digital product. Also, I completed the goal for November which is to spend 50 hours towards working on the Travel Around the World digital course.

However, it turns out 50 hours wasn’t enough time to complete the course itself. Originally, I put in my goals that I will complete it by Nov. 30, 2017. I need to change that now because I will be completing the course and the sales funnel sometime in December instead.

One of the major challenges I faced was coming up with a name for the online course. While I finally decided on two names to try out, waiting to get the name down took awhile which slowed down the progress to creating the course.

I also had some open loops that I had to take care of these last few days before I can focus on the online course creation. Mainly, the birthday present for Karen and my sisters were delayed so I had to take care of that. Thankfully, that’s been resolved today.

Since that open loop has now been closed, I only have a few more I need to take care of. From here, my next mission is to hire a graphic designer from Fiverr.com to make the course cover before I can move on and work on the marketing side of things.

365 days to online passive income videos: 50-63















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