Albania – The Worst Time to Get Food Poisoning

While I was in Montenegro, I booked a bus going from Podgorica to Skopje in Macedonia. Along the way, we would be stopping in Albania and Kosovo to take a break in this long bus ride. Little did I know, I was about to go on one of the most horrific bus ride of my life.


Podgorica bus station



Food poisoning in Albania

The bus ride started alright. I mean, Albania is not really the most touristy country in the world because it’s quite undeveloped. However, Albanians are really friendly so that makes up for it.




When we finally reached the restaurant rest stop in Albania, everyone eagerly got off to use the toilet and buy food. I join the passengers and line up to buy food. I end up buying this funky looking sausage and some stale rice.





After eating the pretty disgusting tasting sausage and stale rice, we get back onboard the bus as we left Albania to head towards Kosovo.

That’s when it started…my stomach started growling.

After leaving our second rest stop in Kosovo, that’s when the suffering began. I started getting massive stomach aches and I really needed to use the toilet.




The worst place to get food poisoning

Our bus didn’t have any toilet in it so I couldn’t just run to the washroom to use it. I decided I would tough it out until we reached Macedonia.

However, things went from bad to worst. I started feeling extremely sick and I really needed to use a washroom. My face was turning pale and my palm was getting clammy.

I got my seat right at the very back of the bus and went to the bus driver. There, I begged them to please stop at a toilet.

Thankfully, the bus driver was really helpful and we stopped at a gas station in Kosovo.

I quickly ran to the toilet.

Recovering in Macedonia

After that horrific bout of food poisoning, we continued our way towards Macedonia. My stomach was still hurting; though, much better than before. At least, I wasn’t dying anymore, but I still felt very bad.

When we finally reached Macedonia and I reached my hostel, I still suffered from food poisoning. It wasn’t until later the next day when I finally started recovering.

I had to eat crackers and bananas to keep myself alive the next day and made sure I took some dehydration tablets.

Barely alive outside my hostel in Skopje



Lessons from this experience

  • Food poisoning is bound to happen when you travel. Even when you think your stomach is already strong, you’re still susceptible to food poisoning.
  • Make sure to avoid eating old meat when travelling at undeveloped countries. Instead, focus on cooked vegetables to avoid getting sick.
  • Make sure to keep yourself hydrated should you get food poisoning. Don’t take big gulps of water, but small sips instead. It would also help if you put some hydration tablets in your water.
  • Try not to eat meat or anything with a lot of fibre while recovering from food poisoning. Focus on eating dry crackers and bananas as you recover.
  • Consult with a doctor if your condition worsens.

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  1. Yup I’ve had that experience too and seen others! Just go to the bus driver and point to your butt or crotch if he doesn’t understand English. He will get the message pretty quick because he has to clean the seat if it gets messed up!

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