365 Days to Online Passive Income Videos 20-49

In this latest blog post, you’ll learn about my progress from days 20-49 of the 365 Days to Online Passive Income series.

During these last 29 days, I was able to complete editing my music video which I plan on launching sometime in early December.

After completing my music video, I was derailed a little bit because I had many life situations that came my way.

First, I went to Calgary to speak at PointsU and also learned a bunch of new things when it comes to travel hacking. Admittedly, I haven’t written much travel hacking articles since leaving Canada to travel around the world. I’ll definitely revisit the travel hacking world once again 2-3 months from now once I’ve completed some of my major passive income related projects.

During the last…15 days or so, I’ve been struggling to get much work done. I keep getting interrupted by real life stuff like birthdays, social events, and holidays.

I’m still working hard and doing my best to stay focused. To be honest, it will definitely get harder once I hit third to fourth week of December when it’s full on holiday mode.

On the bright side of things, starting January 2, there’s not much holidays going on and I can once again focus hard on building online passive income.

From videos 45-49, I start catching up on timed work. As of today, I have completed filming 41 videos and I have about 14 videos left to film to complete the filming part of my second digital product creation attempt. Then, I will be using the platform Teachable to upload and sell the online course I am currently producing.

Here are videos 20-49 if you’re curious to watch them:

365 Days to Online Passive Income Videos 20-49


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