Konstanz Germany – Visiting My Fellow Backpackers Hometown

After completing my workaway experience teaching English in Czech Republic, I was off to my next destination: Konstanz Germany.

There, I would be visiting a couple whom I befriended while travelling in Belem, Brazil.


Konstanz Germany


Brutal overnight train ride from Prague, Czech Republic to Konstanz, Germany

To reach Konstanz Germany, I had to take several trains starting from Prague. To be honest, the journey was quite brutal. The worst segment of them all was the train I took from the Czech Republic-Austrian border going to Zurich. We were all squished in this cabin in the train with barely any legroom. Suffice to say, I barely got any sleep in this horrible train ride.

When I finally reached Konstanz, Germany, I was so happy to see my friend who lived not too far from the train station. I quickly passed out from exhaustion as soon as I got settled in my friend’s home.

Konstanz Germany first impressions

“Wow! This place is beautiful” is my first impression. As I walked through the city to reach my friend’s home, I got to pass the stunning Lake Konstanz. The lake was so blue and picturesque that it gives you a calming feeling just staring at it.


Konstanz Germany


“I can see myself living here” is what I said next as I walked down the path before I reached my friend’s house.


Konstanz Germany


Experience living with my friends for several days

Living with my friends for the next several days was a pleasant experience. Because I’ve been backpacking for 11.5 months at this point, I really missed just staying put and having a normal life.

It was nice to just stay at my friend’s home and watch a movie and chatted about everyday normal stuff.

My friends were in a transitional point in their life as they just returned not too long ago from backpacking in South America.

Anyone who has travelled around the world for an extended period of time knows that things just doesn’t feel the same when you return back home. You feel that something inside you has changed and going back to your old life would be going backwards.

Because of the change they felt, both of them were trying to have a career shift. My friend Sarah was trying to transition working from hotels to working online so she can keep travelling while continuing to work. Her boyfriend, Dominic, is working as a physiotherapist again but wants a change of pace and is looking for a different career path as well.

One of my favourite things about travelling and meeting people is to listen to their everyday life stories and see what’s the reality of things in their country.


Because my friends are vegetarians, we focused on eating vegetables during the duration of my stay in their home. I love vegetables but a part of me just can’t agree with the vegetarian lifestyle.

Humans are called “hunters and gatherers” for a reason and that is because our body feels the best when we eat both meat and vegetables.

I always wonder how people who are vegetarian are getting enough protein in their diet. Sadly, plant based proteins just doesn’t cut it because they don’t have the complete branch chains that make up protein. Thankfully, vegetarians can eat egg but I just don’t think it’s still enough.

Because I work in the fitness industry, we always recommend people to eat 1g of protein per body weight. Quite honestly, I can’t see vegetarians eating at least 100g of protein per day. (I know I got a little side-tracked here but it drives me nuts when people don’t eat enough protein)

City walking

My friends showed me around their city and we walked around town. One of the interesting facts I learned was how tons of Swiss people would cross the border to do their grocery shopping in Konstanz because it is cheaper than in Switzerland. I found this amusing. Mainly because in Canada, when the US dollar is down, we would all go down to the US to do our groceries. This is a great strategy to save money on food and other everyday necessities.

Germans seem to find the Swiss people annoying when they cross over to do their shopping. I think it’s because Konstanz Germany is a relatively peaceful city. Then, during the weekend, when the hordes of Swiss people cross over, it disrupts that peace.


Konstanz Germany


Leaving Western Europe as I begin my journey back in Eastern Europe

I left my friend’s home feeling grateful to them for being so warm and welcoming me in their home. They would be the second to the last group of friends I will visit before I finish my one year trip around the world. I also extended an invitation to them to come visit me in Canada.  Hopefully, they will get around to it in the future so I can also show them around.

From here, I would be finishing my final month of travelling in Eastern Europe as I make my way towards Bulgaria. There, I will be meeting up with my girlfriend, Karen, who will join me for my travels through Bulgaria, Greece, and Croatia.

Konstanz Germany has been great and I think it’s one of the best places to live in Germany.

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