My Complete Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, and Ukraine Spending Breakdown

My Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, and Ukraine spending is erratic because it was the final segment of my one year trip around the world.

Anyhow, read below to get a very rough idea on how much it cost to travel to each country.

My complete Lithuania transit spending breakdown

  • Flight from Minsk to Vilnius – $65.95 CAD (44.34 Euros)
  • Food – $6.71 CAD (4.51 Euros)
  • Toilet – $0.27 CAD (0.40 Euros)

Grand total:

Total Lithuania spending: $73.26 (49.25 Euros)

Total Lithuania spending without flights: $7.30 CAD (4.91 Euros)

I was finishing up my one year trip when I reached Lithuania. One of the main reason I went here is because in order to enter and leave Belarus, you must fly in and out of the country. The flight to Vilnius in Lithuania was the cheapest flight out so I decided to book a flight to this country. Then, instead of flying from Vilnius to Amsterdam to catch my flight back to the North American continent, I decided to take an overnight bus that goes through Latvia with the final destination being Estonia.

My goal is to tick off as many countries as possible and taking that final overnight bus ride would allow me to tick off both Latvia and Estonia.


Ukraine spending

My complete Estonia transit spending breakdown

  • Bus from Vilnius to Tallinn – $40.16 CAD (27 Euros)
  • Toilet – $0.45 CAD (0.30 Euros)

Grand total:

Total Estonia spending: $40.61 CAD (27.30 Euros)

Estonia is the final country I visited in the Baltic area of Europe. It is also the last new country I visited before flying back home to Canada. I personally liked Tallinn and I heard many good things about the city in terms of sight seeing and even starting a foreign business. I will definitely return here one day to explore the city and possibly even open a business account.


Ukraine spending


My complete 2 days Belarus spending breakdown

  • Travel insurance – $24 CAD (37.14 BYN)
  • Flight from Kiev to Minsk – $70.47 CAD ($55 USD or  109.06 BYN)
  • Uber – $16.68 CAD (25.81 BYN)
  • Taxi to the airport – $16.15 CAD (25 BYN)
  • Dreamy Castle hostel – $10.34 CAD (16 BYN)
  • Food – $25.39 CAD (39.30 BYN)

Grand total:

Total Belarus spending: $163.03 CAD (252.32 BYN)

Total Belarus spending without flights: $92.56 CAD (143.26 BYN)

Average daily Belarus spending: $81.52 (126.17 BYN)

Average daily Belarus spending without flights: $46.28 CAD (71.63 BYN)

Belarus is a weird country that I surprisingly liked. People are really grumpy at first but when you get to know them, they are super friendly and warm. Travelling here was more expensive than I’d like because of the fact you have to fly in and out to enter without a VISA. Honestly, if you can travel overland by bus or train, going to Belarus wouldn’t be that expensive. Oh well, it beats the old rule of paying…I believe $400+ USD to get a tourist VISA.


Ukraine spending


My complete 11 days Ukraine spending breakdown

  • Flight from Dubrovnik to Kiev – $146.40 CAD (3068.28 UAH) + 15,000 Aeroplan Miles
  • Food – $39.58 CAD (829.50 UAH)
  • ATM fee – $2.39 CAD (50 UAH)
  • Bank fee – $5 CAD (104.79 UAH)
  • Dentist for teeth cleaning – $54.63 CAD (1,145 UAH)
  • Haircut – $9.54 CAD (200 UAH)

Grand total:

Total Ukraine spending: $257.54 CAD (5,397.57 UAH)

Total Ukraine spending without flights: $111.14 CAD (2329.29 UAH)

Average daily Ukraine spending: $23.41 CAD (490.63 UAH)

Average daily Ukraine spending without flights: $10.10 CAD (211.68 UAH)

Points and Miles spent: 15,000 Aeroplan Miles

How come my Ukraine spending is quite cheap? Well for starters, Ukraine is a cheap travel destination to begin with. However, back when I was travelling in Asia, I became friends with a Ukrainian guy in the hostel I was staying at in Hong Kong. He invited me to come visit and stay with him at Ukraine and I took him up on his invitation!

I’ve got to say, I had a blast in Ukraine. People in this country are so funny, I laughed so hard hanging out with Ukrainian people. These people definitely have a good sense of humour unlike many of the more annoying left wing countries in Western Europe where you must be politically correct all the time. I will definitely return to Ukraine one day to visit my friend and also to check out Chernobyl.


Ukraine spending

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