My Complete Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Greece Spending Breakdown

My Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Greece spending greatly varies. Greece was on the expensive end while Bulgaria was on the cheaper end. Read below to get a more detailed breakdown of my spending in each respective countries.

Transit in Albania and Kosovo spending

  • Food in Albania – $2.97 CAD (2 Euros)
  • Food in Kosovo – $0.45 CAD (0.30 Euros)

Grand total:

Total Albania and Kosovo spending: $3.42 CAD (2.30 Euros)

My time in Albania and Kosovo is horrible. I’ll write a more detailed article on it later but I basically got food poisoning in Albania. To make matters worst, our bus had no toilets so I suffered greatly during the transit ride. I had to beg the driver to stop at a gas station washroom while we were in Kosovo because I was getting really sick. Lesson learned…don’t eat meat in developing countries like Albania.


Greece Spending


1 day in Macedonia spending

  • Bus from Podgorica to Skopje – $33.47 CAD (22.50 Euros or 1385.52 MKD)
  • Hostel – $14.87 CAD (10 Euros or 615.79 MKD)
  • Food – $4.30 CAD (178 MKD)
  • Bus from Skopje to Sofia – $23.67 CAD (980 MKD)

Grand total:

Total Macedonia spending: $76.31 CAD (3159.17 MKD)

Total Macedonia spending without buses: $19.17 CAD (793.62 MKD)

Macedonia is a weird place. I stopped here for one day on my way to Bulgaria to see my girlfriend. I arrived here recovering from food poisoning I got in Albania. People here seem grumpy. I don’t see myself returning to this country.


Greece Spending


3 days in Bulgaria spending

  • Metro – $6.08 CAD (8 BGN)
  • Airbnb – $1.80 CAD (2.37 BGN) + travel credit
  • Food – $11.02 CAD (14.50 BGN)

Grand total:

Total Bulgaria spending: $18.90 CAD (24.86 BGN)

Average daily Bulgaria spending: $6.30 CAD (8.29 BGN)

Points and Miles spent: 4000 Starpoints

Bulgaria is a very cheap tourist destination. There’s really not much going on in the capital city of Sofia but if I ever return, I’ll make sure to check out the Rila Monastery and the city of Varna.


Greece Spending


5 days in Greece spending

  • Thessaloniki Holiday Inn – $96.68 CAD (65 Euros)
  • Airbnb – $22 CAD (14.79 Euros)
  • Acropolis Ticket – $29.75 CAD (20 Euros)
  • HI Hostel Athens – $32.72 CAD (22 Euros)
  • Metro ticket to the airport – $13.39 CAD (9 Euros)
  • 2 nights accommodation in Santorini – $74.37 CAD (50 Euros)
  • Food – $98.47 CAD (66.20 Euros)
  • Bus from Santorini ferry port to Kerteramos – $6.84 CAD (4.60 Euros)
  • Round Hellenic High Speed ferries between Pireas and Santorini – $175.52 CAD (118 Euros)
  • Local bus – $16.66 CAD (11.20 Euros)

Grand total:

Total Greece spending: $566.4 CAD (380.79 Euros)

Average daily Greece spending: $113.28 CAD (76.16 Euros)

Travelling in Greece was definitely not cheap. I mean, it could have been cheaper but my girlfriend flew in to Greece to travel with me and she had limited time. Because of that, we paid more for the faster ferry to Santorini and we stayed at nicer places. No regrets; though, as I thoroughly enjoyed Greece and it’s one of my favourite countries that I visited in Europe.


Greece Spending


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