My Complete Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, and Croatia Spending Breakdown

Travelling through the Balkans was an interesting experience. First, my Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, and Croatia spending turned out to be pretty good. It seems like Eastern Europe is on the cheaper side as far as travel destinations go. However, the infrastructure in the Balkans is also nowhere near as good as they are in Western Europe. Regardless, here is how much money I spent when I went through each country.

My complete 1 day Slovenia spending breakdown

  • Hostel – $23.80 CAD (16 Euros)
  • Train from Slovenia to Belgrade – $5.21 CAD (3.50 Euros)
  • Food – $3.41 CAD (2.29 Euros)

Grand total:

Total Slovenia spending: $32.42 CAD (21.80 Euros)

Total Slovenia spending without trains: $27.21 CAD (18.29 Euros)

I was only in Slovenia for one night but I got a chance to explore this city. From my experience, people were very nice. Slovenia caught me off guard and I definitely enjoyed my time there. Food was also cheap and the hostel I stayed at was quite good. I am definitely considering returning here one day to explore the country just a bit more (but only a little bit more).


Croatia Spending

My complete 1 day Serbia spending breakdown

  • Food – $2.24 CAD (179.25 RSD)
  • Downtown Belgrade Hostel – $14.87 CAD (1192.50 RSD or 10 Euros)

Grand total:

Total Serbia spending: $17.11 CAD (1,371.75 RSD)

Serbia is a country I only visited because I wanted to tick off as many countries as I could when I was travelling in Europe. When I visited Belgrade, the city itself looks pretty beat up and not really that nice. But, as far as negative comments go, it ends here. The Serbian people are absolutely one of the most FRIENDLIEST and WARMEST I have ever met during my time in Europe. For me, Serbians are easily in the top 3 friendliest people in Europe. I love Serbian people.

As a matter of fact, I befriended one Serbian guy I met on a train and we talked for hours on end about everything. These Serbian people are very intelligent and their English is really good. I think if anyone wants to outsource any work, they should outsource it to Serbians. These people are great.

I also met a lady who was working in the hostel I stayed and she was very kind. That evening, I didn’t have anything to eat. Mainly because I didn’t want to go get money from the ATM cause I wasn’t staying in Serbia long. She then prepared me home cooked Serbian food and shared with me an authentic meal from her country. It was very delicious. Bless her kind heart.

Sometimes, you don’t visit a country for scenery or to take pictures. There are places in this world you visit for amazing people and Serbia is one of those places.


Croatia Spending

My complete 1 day Montenegro spending breakdown

  • Hostel – $19.19 CAD (12.90 Euros)
  • Google Hangouts fee – $10 CAD (6.72 Euros)
  • Food – $8.11 CAD (5.45 Euros)

Grand total:

Total Montenegro spending: $37.30 CAD (25.08 Euros)

Montenegro is nice and unfortunately for me, I didn’t get a chance to go to Kotor. I ended up staying at a city called Podgorica. My first impression is that people in Montenegro are very serious. This is a very serious country indeed. On the flip side of things, they have one of the most delicious fish I have ever eaten. If you go to Montenegro, make sure to eat their local fish, it is awesome!


Croatia Spending


My complete 5 days Croatia spending breakdown

  • Bus from airport to Dubrovnik city centre – $7.92 CAD (40 HRK)
  • Local bus – $5.94 CAD (30 HRK)
  • Hostel – $61.77 CAD (312 HRK)
  • Uber – $15.64 CAD (79 HRK)
  • Dubrovnik City Walls ticket – $29.70 CAD (150 HRK)
  • Museum in Dubrovnik – $5.95 CAD (4 Euros or 30.05 HRK)
  • Food – $32.50 CAD (164.18 HRK)
  • Flight from Athens to Dubrovnik – $48.70 CAD (249.99 HRK) + 15,000 Aeroplan Miles

Grand total:

Total Croatia spending: $208.91 CAD (1,055.22 HRK)

Total Croatia spending without flights: $160.21CAD (805.23 HRK)

Average daily Croatia spending: $41.78 CAD (211.04 HRK)

Average daily Croatia spending without flights: $32.04 CAD (161.84 HRK)

Points and Miles spent: 17,000 Starpoints – (Sheraton Dubrovnik), 15,000 Aeroplan Miles

Down the road, I need to publish a more thorough article about Croatia. For now, I would have to say, Dubrovnik is easily within the top three most beautiful city I have ever seen while I was in Eastern Europe. I couldn’t believe how nice it was. Some places are overhyped and some places like Dubrovnik lives up to that hype.

And if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’re in for a treat. This place is awesome and you can visit many iconic places from the popular TV show. Man, I love Dubrovnik, it’s one of my favourite places in Europe. My girlfriend was very happy we visited and I’m glad I got a chance to travel there with her. And oh yeah, prices here are quite affordable and their hostels are top notch!


Croatia Spending


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