My Complete 22 Days Poland Spending Breakdown

Travelling to Poland is one of the highlights of my one year trip around the world. Polish people are some of the friendliest in the world and the country is very beautiful. Looking at my 22 days Poland spending breakdown, it looks like I did well. Let’s look below and see what made the trip to Poland very affordable.


Poland Spending


Complete 22 days Poland spending breakdown

  • Flight from Rio de Janeiro Brazil to Warsaw Poland – $88.80 CAD (253.03 PLN) + 45,000 Aeroplan Miles
  • Flight from Aberdeen to Gdansk – $130.03 CAD (371.35 PLN)
  • Simcard – $1.75 CAD (5 PLN)
  • Blabla car sharing – $15.62 CAD (10.50 Euros or 44.60 PLN)
  • Food – $105.62 CAD (301.64 PLN)
  • Taxi – $11.94 CAD (34.1 PLN)
  • Uber – $20.16 CAD (57.58 PLN)
  • Dental floss, toothbrush, shampoo – $6.40 CAD (18.27 PLN)
  • Train from Poznan to Wroclaw – $13.27 CAD (37.90 PLN)
  • Local buses – $3.43 CAD (9.8 PLN)
  • Sleeper train from Warsaw to Prague – $22.49 CAD (60.90 PLN)
  • European charger – $14.01 CAD (40 PLN)
  • Air Bnb Gdansk – $34.48 CAD (98.47 PLN)
  • Atlantis Hostel – $22.76 CAD (65 PLN)
  • Air Bnb airport pickup – $7.44 CAD (5 Euros or 21.24 PLN)
  • Roundtrip bus between Krakow and Auschwitz – $9.80 CAD (28 PLN)
  • Air Bnb Poznan – $6 CAD (17.14 PLN) + ($25 CAD travel credit)

Grand total:

Total Poland spending: $514 CAD (1467.90 PLN)

Total Poland spending without flights: $295.17 CAD (842.96 PLN)

Average daily Poland spending: $22.36 CAD (63.86 PLN)

Average daily Poland spending without flights: $13.42 CAD (38.33 PLN)

Points and Miles spent: 15,000 Marriott Points (Warsaw Airport Marriott) + 45,000 Aeroplan Miles (Rio de Janeiro to Warsaw)

One of the main reason I saved so much money going to Poland is because I did volunteer work there twice. The first time was with a company called JustSpeak at Poznan teaching English to Polish adults. On the second time around, I taught English at Gdansk to Polish teenagers. Both were amazing experiences.

When you do volunteer work to teach English, food and accommodation is included thus saving you tons of money. After I completed doing volunteer work, one of the Polish adults from Wroclaw invited me to couchsurf in his house for a day. I also had a friend travelling in Wroclaw that same week who rented an Airbnb and invited me to couchsurf at his place. All the couchsurfing and volunteering greatly reduced my expenses and allowed me to get a local experience of the country.

I love Poland so much that I can’t wait to return here one day. It is my favourite country in the Europe.


Poland Spending

Poland Spending


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