My Complete Austria and Czech Republic Spending Breakdown

While travelling in Europe, I got a chance to visit both Austria and Czech Republic. Sadly, I wasn’t able to explore Austria more which I will definitely make sure I do in the future. My Austria and Czech Republic spending is very different. There’s definitely a noticeable difference in prices between Western and Eastern Europe.

Complete 2 days Austria spending breakdown

  • Bus from Bratislava to Vienna – $6.69 CAD (4.50 Euros)
  • Hostel in Vienna – $17.51 CAD (12 Euros)
  • Metro – $6.42 CAD (4.40 Euros)
  • Roundtrip train from airport to Vienna city centre – $11.40 CAD (7.90 Euros)
  • Food – $12.79 CAD (8.60 Euros)

Grand total:

Total Austria spending: $54.81 CAD (36.85 Euros)

Average daily Austria spending: $27.41 CAD (18.43 Euros)

I went to Austria twice during my trip in Europe. The first time was because I needed to take the bus in Vienna to reach Zurich. At the time, I was in Bratislava which is the capital city of Slovakia and transited from there to Vienna. The second time was an overnight stay when I took a plane from Dubrovnik, Croatia on my way to Warsaw, Poland.

I would have to say that while I did not particularly care to visit Vienna, I still really liked Austria. The people are nice and I really want to visit Hallstatt and Salzburg to see the giant ice cave.

Austria is also quite expensive and I wouldn’t recommend going there unless you have money ready to spend.


Czech Republic Spending


Complete 7 days Czech Republic spending breakdown

  • Food – $14.42 CAD (248.4 CLK)
  • Vanvoka 5 Hostel – $16.60 CAD (286 CLK)
  • Metro – $1.39 CAD (24 CLK)
  • Toilet – $2.32 CAD (40 CLK)
  • Train from Prague to Zurich – $6.68 CAD (115 CLK)

Grand total:

Total Czech Republic spending: $41.42 CAD (713.40 CLK)

Total Czech Republic spending without trains: $34.74 CAD (598.40 CLK)

Average daily Czech Republic spending: $5.92 CAD (101.91 CLK)

Average daily Czech Republic spending without trains: $4.96 CAD (85.49 CLK)

The main reason I saved so much money while travelling in Prague, Czech Republic is because I did volunteer work with Angloville. I basically taught English for 6 days and in return, I got food and accommodation. The volunteer work also included a free city walking tour of Prague which again, helped with my spending while I was in this country.

For those looking to travel and want to get to know locals, definitely check out workaway and look for volunteer work to teach English. There are tons of opportunities like the one I had in Prague where you can get food and accommodation in exchange for your service.

One last note, Prague is quite an affordable city to visit so even if you don’t do volunteer work, you’ll be fine money wise.


Czech Republic Spending

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