In these last 10 episodes of 365 Days to Online Passive Income, I learned many things about myself and productivity. Firstly, during days 9-14, I was mainly working on the music video itself. However, I found it difficult to concentrate on my work. Then, when I had to switch my task from editing the meat of the video to the intro and credits, I had trouble making the transition.

One of the patterns I am now noticing during the 365 Days to Online Passive Income series is that many of the obstacles I have is not ideas but execution. Most of these obstacles are my own willpower or energy levels.

I learned that eating healthy can easily give you an additional one hour of focused work. As well, getting enough sleep can easily add another one hour.

Recently, I ordered a new ergonomic chair which I believe will increase my productivity. Instead of having back problems, I will be more relaxed and focused on the work at hand. I also purchased some magnesium supplements because I know it will help me get better sleep.

Isn’t it strange that taking care of your health is what leads to creating passive income online?

We’ll find out soon if this statement is true or not. I do; however, expect to finish my music video this week. Then, by next week, I can start working on completing my digital product. Finally, I can open shop and see the result of my hard work. Hopefully, these videos will be helpful to you to finding out your own obstacles to making passive income online.

365 Days to Online Passive Income Videos 9-19

Day 9: Taking the Next Two Days Off


Day 10: Answering Questions


Day 11: Renewed Energy and Chris Guillebeau’s Book Signing


Day 12: Recharging Your Energy


Day 13: How to Work if You Can’t Concentrate


Day 14: The Difficulty of Switching Task



Day 15: Finishing Up Intro



Day 16: Bouncing Ideas Off Other People



Day 17: Eliminating Obstacles to Productivity



Day 18: Possible Distractions



Day 19: The Power of the Green Smoothie


I hope you enjoyed these last 10 videos of the 365 Days to Online Passive Income. Until next time!

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