365 Days to Online Passive Income Launched! (Days 1-8)

Why 365 days to online passive income?

Since starting Travel and Live Free, I focused on the “Travel” part of things; however, the “Live Free” part has been neglected. Since coming back home from my One Year Trip Around the World, I decided I would now focus my attention on the “Live Free” part of Travel and Live Free.

What does “Live Free” means? Essentially, Live free means you can do whatever you want with your time because you don’t answer to a “boss” or a “company”. You’re not obligated to be at a specific place at a specific time unless you chose to be there. It also means you are “free” to work on your own projects and things that are of interest to you as oppose to something that just helps you make ends meet.

In today’s day and age, one of the best way and realistic way to make this dream lifestyle happen is by learning how to earn passive income online. As long as you are trading time for money, you are not free. It’s time to get your time back and the only way to do that is to start building revenue streams online.

I personally have not made any online passive income yet (only location independent income from writing for other blogs). My goal for this journey is to crack the “code” and start earning income online and set my self to the path of freedom. I hope you can do the same for yourself! Feel free to share your experience, or journey with trying to earn passive income online as well.

My goal is for the next 365 days, I will be publishing a daily video blog (except when I’m on holiday or if I’m really sick) on what I’m working on to get me closer to earning my first passive income dollar online. Hopefully, by following these videos, you can get an idea how you can also start earning online passive income!

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The videos will be raw and I will be doing very little editing. Here are the first eight videos that I’ve already published:

365 Days to Online Passive Income Day 1: Setting Goals

365 Days to Online Passive Income Day 2: Monthly Goals and Using a Timer

365 Days to Online Passive Income Day 3: Building Momentum

365 Days to Online Passive Income Day 4: Working Even on Holidays

365 Days to Online Passive Income Day 5: The Pressure is On

365 Days to Online Passive Income Day 6: Learning a New Hard Skill

365 Days to Online Passive Income Day 7: Will Power and Work Preview

365 Days to Online Passive Income Day 8: Three Hours is a Long Time

If you’re wondering why 365 days of videos, it’s because this will force me to actually earn passive income online. With the social pressure of making these videos for the blog readers such as yourself, I have no choice but to actually make it happen! Also, since starting this blog, I actually wanted to be a video blogger but somehow ended up writing articles. Now, I can do both! What better way to improve video blogging and video editing than by doing practicing every single day!

Back in the fitness industry, we used to have a saying: it takes one month to make a new habit and it takes one year to build a new lifestyle. This means the best way to get closer to earning online passive income is to take one small step everyday until this becomes a reality!

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