My Complete Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Germany Spending Breakdown

My Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Germany spending breakdown turned out pretty well. Mainly because I had a friends in both Denmark and Germany host me in their homes who showed me around.

3 Days Denmark spending breakdown

  • Train reservation – $48.41 CAD (244 DKK)

Grand totals

Total 3 days Denmark spending: $48.41 CAD (244 DKK)

Average daily Denmark spending: $16.14 CAD (81.34 DKK)

The main reason why I didn’t spend much money in Denmark is because I stayed at a friends house. I met Signi when I was in a hostel in Colombia and she invited me to stay at her family’s farm in Svendborg, Denmark. Thanks to her, I was able to save quite a bit of money and only had to pay for the train reservation (which is VERY expensive!)

Denmark is one of the friendliest countries in Europe and I recommend visiting it and befriending some awesome Danish people.

1 Day Sweden spending breakdown

  • HI Hostel – $48.12 CAD (313 SEK)
  • Metro – $13.22 CAD (86 SEK)
  • Groceries – $14.56 CAD (94.67 SEK)

Grand totals

Total 1 day Sweden spending: $75.90 CAD (493.67 SEK)

This is really funny but the groceries I purchased in Sweden lasted me through my journey through Norway and Finland. Basically, I purchased a ton of pasta and cooked them up in the hostel. Next, I asked the hostel restaurant if I can have some aluminum tupperware and I also purchased some at the grocery.

I ended up with three giant tupperware full of pastas which kept me alive through the expensive Scandinavian countries.


Germany Spending


1 Day Norway spending breakdown

  • Best Western Hotel Oslo – 28,000 Best Western Points

Grand totals

Total 1 day Norway spending: $0

Points and Miles spent – 28,000 Best Western Points

I pretty much stayed here just for one night to tick off Norway as a country I visited. However, in the future, I’d like to return to visit friends I made in this country and to hike the famous Fjords. (I didn’t spend any money here cause I ate the pasta I cooked from Sweden and redeemed my Best Western Points to get a free night stay).


Germany Spending


7 Days Germany spending breakdown

  • House LA Hostel – $30 CAD (20.31 Euros)
  • Food – $92.87 CAD (62.88 Euros)
  • Toothpaste – $1.40 CAD (0.95 Euros)
  • ATM Withdrawal – $5 CAD (3.39 Euros)
  • Round trip bus ride to Neuschwanstein Castle – $6.65 CAD (4.50 Euros)
  • HI Hostel Berlin – $33.97 CAD (23 Euros)

Grand totals

Total 7 days Germany spending: $169.89 CAD (115.03 Euros)

Average daily Germany spending: $24.27 CAD (16.43 Euros)

The first time I went to Germany during the European segment of my one year trip around the world, I went to check out the Neuschwanstein Castle. Then, the second time I was in Germany, I just stayed overnight in Berlin on my way to visit a friend in Denmark.


Germany Spending


Finally, my last visit in Germany was in a city called Konstanz where I visited two friends of mine whom I met in Belem, Brazil. Because I stayed over at my friend’s place in Konstanz, I was able to save money on accommodation. Konstanz was also a very nice city which is located right at the border of Switzerland.

Lake Konstanz is beautiful and highly recommend to those travelling in Germany.


Germany Spending


I wouldn’t say prices in Germany are super expensive. Actually, I think they’re quite comparable to North American prices. However, their hostels are quite pricy and eating out is definitely not cheap. It’s best to cook your own meals if you want to save money.

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