Svendborg Denmark – Living in a Farm and Adventuring in the Gorilla Park

One of the best things while travelling around the world is visiting friends you met while backpacking. I had a great time visiting friends when I was in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Eindhoven. It’s no surprise, I had an interesting and fun time visiting my friend who lives in Svendborg, Denmark.

I met Signi while travelling in Colombia. We were staying at the same hostel in Laureles, Medellin. She was complaining to me that when you travel, it sucks making friends because you never see them again. Her frustration is very true and is one of the sad reality as a backpacker. You will make friends for a day, for an hour, for a moment, and then you never see them again.

So, I promised her that when I travel to Europe, I will make an effort to stop by Svendborg, Denmark to come visit her and stay with her family in their farm.

Staying in a farm in Svendborg, Denmark

Signi picked me up from the central train station and we drove back to her family’s home. I will be staying in a restored trailer just outside their home.

Occasionally, they get Workaway volunteers staying in the trailer and working on their farm. At the moment, their volunteer just left so the trailer is open for me to move into where I would be staying for the next three days.


My home for the next two nights and three days




The trailer was actually very cozy and I had a really good sleep both nights.

I also met Signi’s dad, mom, and youngest sister. During my time in their farm, they got me to try this neat Danish fried rice that is served with mango chutney. It was surprisingly good because I never expected mango chutney to be eaten with fried rice.

They also took me on a tour of their farm and met their horses.




One grim thing I learned while chatting with Signi’s family is that many animals gets run over by cars in the area. They told me of the many instances where dogs, cats, horses, and other farm animals would wander on the road only to be hit and become roadkill.

Svendborg Gorilla Park

Signi worked for one of the major tourist attraction in the area called Svendborg Gorilla Park. It’s basically a huge tree top adventure park for those looking to be a gorilla for a day.

Because Signi worked there, she was able to get me in for free and she showed me some of her favourite obstacle courses in the area. (The entry fee for adults is 305 Danish Krone)

The tree top adventure is quite funny because you can ride bicycles and skateboards between platforms.




At one point, Signi was being a sadist and convinced me try the Tarzan swing. Despite the Gorilla Park focusing heavily on safety, it was still frightening. Despite knowing I am strapped to a safety harness, the thought of jumping into the abyss as I swung on a rope across the platform made me fearful.

I still did it because…YOLO (you only live once) but man, I was definitely shaky at the end of this ordeal.





The Danish people were clapping and laughing after they saw me swing. Mainly because I was screaming at the top of my lungs when I did it. Apparently, Danish people never show people emotion so when a random foreigner is here screaming, it’s very amusing to them.

The Gorilla Park in Svendborg has different difficulty levels to suit your fitness level and is a great place to check out if you travel through Denmark.

Saying goodbye and off to Sweden

That evening, I said my goodbyes and thanked Signi’s family for welcoming me in their home. I will be leaving very early when everyone is still asleep.




Danish people are one of the friendliest in Europe. Also, their English is excellent making it an easy place to travel to as a tourist. The only downside is that it is quite an expensive country to travel to. Make sure you are ready to take a financial hit when you travel in Denmark.

Otherwise, have a great trip and as for me, I was off to Sweden, Norway, and Finland as my next few destinations.

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