How to Cross from Switzerland to Liechtenstein (I barely made it!)

This keeps happening to me. During my time in Europe, I’m always fighting against the clock to reach my accommodation. When I was in Bruges, Belgium, I barely made it to my hostel with 1% battery left on my cell phone. It was no different in Liechtenstein. I just finished travelling in Italy and was on my way to Liechtenstein to visit one of the smallest countries in Europe. The hostel I was staying at (and the only hostel in Liechtenstein) was closing at 10pm and I wouldn’t be able to check in if I arrive a minute later.

I would be taking the following train connections to reach my destination:

  1. Rimini to Bologna
  2. Bologna to Milan
  3. Milan to Zurich
  4. Zurich to Buchs

Typically, there is a train that goes from Buchs SG in Switzerland to Schaan-Vaduz train station in Liechtenstein. However, the trains are infrequent and I would have to take a bus to enter this tiny country.

I start asking around how to take the bus but many of the Swiss bus drivers are quite unfriendly and even yelled at me when I asked for direction. How annoyingly rude.

Finally, a bus comes by which I took to cross over to Liechtenstein. The fare to take the bus from Buchs SG to Schaan-Vaduz Switzerland costs 4.10 CHF.

Time is ticking as I walked towards my hostel in Liechtenstein



When the bus finally arrives in Schaan-Vaduz in Liechtenstein, I looked at the time and it says it is 9:30pm. Holy shit! I need to run!

I pull up my app called and navigate my way to the hostel. The app tells me that the walking journey from the train/bus station to my hostel would take 25 minutes.

Despite being tired from taking all those train rides, my adrenaline was running high as I speed walked my way towards the hostel.

The walk was actually quite pleasant and I can see that Liechtenstein is a very beautiful country. After power walking for 25 minutes while carrying almost 20kg worth of bags, I finally made it to the hostel!





Just made it in the nick of time!

I look at the time and it says 9:57 PM. Quickly, I go inside and the front desk person tells me I barely made it and he wouldn’t be able to complete check in. However, he can give me the key to my room and tells me to complete the check-in the following day when I check-out.


The hostel was also really good and had a nice relaxing evening there chatting with other backpackers.

Quick summary on how to cross from Switzerland to Liechtenstein

Step 1: Go to Buchs SG train station in Switzerland

Step 2: Take the bus outside Buchs SG to cross over to Liechtenstein arriving at Schaan-Vaduz train/bus station. The cost of the bus ticket is 4.10 CHF.

Other facts: Vaduz is the capital of Liechtenstein and has a population of 5005 people. They speak Swiss-German in the country and most people are very friendly and helpful.

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