My Complete Italy, San Marino, and The Netherlands Spending Breakdown

How did my Italy, San Marino, and The Netherlands spending fare during my time in each respective countries?

Travelling to Italy was more expensive than I’d like because I was doing tons of touristy stuff. As you already know, the more touristy activities you engage in, the higher the cost of travelling becomes.

While travelling in the Netherlands, I had many friends that I met previously while backpacking who hosted me in their homes. As a result, I was able to save a ton of money while having a more authentic and local experience.


The Netherlands Spending


5 days in Italy spending breakdown

  • Ticket to the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel – $29.34 CAD (20 Euros)
  • Train reservation from Milan to Rome – $14.67 CAD (10 Euros)
  • Rome metro ticket – $14.67 CAD (10 Euros)
  • 2 nights at Sheraton Roma Conference Centre – $46.95 CAD (32 Euros and 6000 Starpoints)
  • Tickets to the Colosseum, the Roman Forums, and Palatine Hill – $17.58 CAD (12 Euros)
  • Food and groceries – $36.11 CAD (24.61 Euros)
  • St. Peter’s Basilica 551 steps ticket – $8.80 CAD (6 Euros)
  • Bus – $16.58 CAD (11.30 Euros)
  • Train reservation from Rome to Bologna – $14.67 CAD (10 Euros)
  • 2 night stay at a hostel in Rimini – $31.54 CAD (21.50 Euros)
  • Toilet – $1.47 CAD (1 Euro)
  • Train reservation from Bologna to Rimini – $14.67 CAD (10 Euros)
  • Train reservation from Rimini to Zurich – $14.67 CAD (10 Euros)

Grand totals

Total 5 days Italy spending: $261.73 CAD (178.65 Euros)

Average daily Italy spending: $52.35 CAD (35.73 Euros per day)

Total Italy spending without train reservations: $203.05 CAD (138.60 Euros)

Average daily Italy spending without train reservations: $40.61 CAD (27.72 Euros)

Italy was surprisingly cheaper than I thought. Restaurants were inexpensive and food was great. Besides the racist Italian people I met in Rome and the border of Switzerland, Rimini was very friendly. If I ever go back to Italy, I’ll make sure to avoid the big cities because they are swarming with racist people just ready to ruin your travel experience.


The Netherlands Spending


1 day San Marino spending breakdown

  • Roundtrip bus ticket from Rimini to San Marino – $14.67 CAD (10 Euros)
  • ATM withdrawal fee – $5 CAD (3.41 Euros)
  • Tickets to San Marino 2 towers – $9.54 CAD (6.50 Euros)
  • Food – $9.54 CAD (6.50 Euros)

Grand totals

Total 1 day San Marino spending: $41.08 CAD (28 Euros)

Total 1 day San Marino spending without the roundtrip bus ticket: $26.41 CAD (18 Euros)

San Marino was also quite an affordable travel destination. It’s a tiny country so after you visit the castle, there’s not much left to do besides shopping and eating. I highly recommend visiting this country. Personally, I had an amazing time!


The Netherlands Spending


6 days The Netherlands spending breakdown (Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Eindhoven)

  • Toilet – $1.47 CAD (1 Euro)
  • Food – $32.13 CAD (21.9 Euros)
  • Amsterdam city walking tour tip – $7.34 CAD (5 Euros)
  • Flight from Tallinn to Amsterdam – $11 CAD (7.50 Euros) + 15,000 Aeroplan Miles
  • Best Western Airport Hotel Amsterdam – $5.50 CAD (3.75 Euros) + 24,000 BW Points
  • American Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Vancouver – $75.77 CAD ($60.96 USD or 51.64 Euros) + 30,000 Alaska Miles

Grand totals

Total 6 days The Netherlands spending: $133.21 CAD (90.79 Euros)

Average daily The Netherlands spending: $22.20 CAD ($15.13 CAD)

Total The Netherlands spending without flight: $46.44 CAD (31.65 Euros)

Average daily The Netherlands spending without flight: $7.74 CAD (5.28 Euros)

Total points and miles spent: 24,000 BW Points + 30,000 Alaska Miles + 15,000 Aeroplan Miles

I spent significantly less money travelling through The Netherlands because I stayed with two different group of friends during my time there. When I was in Rotterdam, I stayed at a friend’s place and they pretty much paid for all my food and touristy activities. Much thanks to them for helping a backpacker friend!

When I was in Amsterdam, I also stayed at a friend’s place and they also provided me with breakfast and dinner so I only had to grab lunch.

Regardless, if I didn’t stay with so many friends in The Netherlands, it would have definitely been expensive because this is not a cheap country to travel to.


The Netherlands Spending



Thanks to using travel hacking techniques, I was able to save money on accommodation during my time in Rome. Also, thanks to the many Dutch friends I made during my backpacking trip around the world, I was able to explore their cities like a local and save money on food and accommodations.

Seeing the Colosseum in Rome was a dream come true and getting to know The Netherlands better was a real treat. I will definitely go back to The Netherlands to visit my friends again someday in the future.

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  1. Ugh, I always find it so cheap when people take advantage of staying with others and letting them pay for everything. You should always chip in, cook dinner or pay for something. So rude!

    1. I did cook for them and invited them to stay with me in Canada. Thanks for being judgemental and bitter before investigating what really happened. 🙂

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