Complete 1 day Liechtenstein, and 9 days Switzerland Spending Breakdown

How did I fare with my Liechtenstein and Switzerland spending when I travelled through these two neighbouring countries? Thankfully, better than I expected!

Of course it helps that I have a friend that lives in Switzerland who was nice enough to let me stay over at her place and gave me food to eat. Otherwise, I would have definitely gotten killed at the insane prices Switzerland has.

I also used my Eurail pass extensively in Switzerland which helped greatly. Because reservation prices for trains are quite expensive, this is a good way to maximize the Eurail pass and highly recommend it for those travelling to Switzerland.

Complete 1 day Liechtenstein spending breakdown

  • Bus from Buchs to Schaan-Vaduz – $5.33 CAD (4.10 CHF or 3.60 Euros)
  • HI Hostel – $40.03 CAD (30.82 CHF)

Grand total:

Total Liechtenstein spending: $45.36 CAD (34.42 CHF)

I’ve always wanted to go to Liechtenstein. There’s something about this tiny country near Switzerland that has me intrigued. I made sure I stayed here for one night during my time in Switzerland so I can take a look and see what’s in this country.

Because I love quiet peaceful places, I definitely loved my very short time in Liechtenstein. I will definitely return here in the future to further explore and spend time relaxing in this peaceful country.


Switzerland Spending


Complete 9 days Switzerland spending breakdown

  • Flexibus from Vienna to Zurich – $38.28 CAD (29.47 CHF or 25.90 Euros)
  • Train from Zurich to Brugg – $26.72 CAD (19 CHF)
  • Legionarspfad Vindonissa Tour – $15.59 CAD (12 CHF)
  • Train from Basel to Paris – $50.65 CAD (39 CHF)
  • HI Hostel Geneva – $40.26 CAD (31 CHF)
  • Food – $8.96 CAD (6.90 CHF)
  • Bus from Schaan-Vaduz to Buchs – $2.60 CAD (2 CHF)

Grand total:

Total Switzerland spending: $183.06 CAD (140.95 CHF)

Total Switzerland spending without train and bus ride: $64.81 CAD (49.90 CHF)

Average Switzerland spending: $20.34 CAD (15.66 CHF)

Average daily Switzerland spending without train and bus ride: $7.20 CAD (5.54 CHF)

As you know, Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries to visit in the world. If my sister’s friend, Lavinia, didn’t host me over at her place along with her husband, I would have definitely gotten killed travelling through here.

The small city of Windisch was my home base while I was here but I did get a chance to also stay by Geneva as well. As you can see, a one night stay in a hostel in Switzerland is at least $40 CAD which is very expensive. At the same time, you get what you pay for and the hostel was one of the nicest place I’ve ever stayed (and breakfast is included!)


Switzerland Spending


Switzerland is very beautiful but I’m not sure if I will return anytime soon just because it is so expensive! Perhaps one day in the distant future when I make more money, I will make a return in this beautiful country.

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