My Picturesque Road Trip Through the Swiss Alps and Lake Lucerne

Switzerland is well known for the Alps and for being very picturesque. Sufficient to say, I was very excited when Lavinia’s (my sister’s friend who’s living in Switzerland) husband, Sandro, planned a road trip for us to go through the Swiss Alps and to Lake Lucerne.

Our road trip started in a small town called Windisch where Lavinia and Sandro lives. From there, we would do a full day road trip to the city of Glarus, through the Swiss Alps, and finally reaching Lake Lucerne before heading back to Lavinia and Sandro’s home.




The town of Glarus

Our first stop was a nice-looking city called Glarus. Here, we stopped by to explore the city as well as try some local coffee and fruits.




Driving through the Swiss Alps

After exploring Glarus, it was time to continue our journey through the Swiss Alps. Quite honestly, there is a reason why the Alps is so famous and it is because how beautiful it is. Lavinia, Sandro, and myself stopped at a view point where we got a chance to go crazy taking pictures. Sandro also made tons of drone videos which really highlighted the beauty of the Alps.





After some fun times taking pictures and making videos, we stopped by a mountain cafe where we grabbed a bite to eat as we admired the picture perfect surroundings.

Lake Lucerne

After we got through the Alps, we drove towards the picturesque area of Lake Lucerne. It was clearly a wealthy area because we saw tons of yachts navigating this famous lake. It’s definitely a popular tourist destination because we saw quite a lot of people sight seeing in the area.

I’ve got to say that Lake Lucerne is very beautiful and we made sure to take quite a few pictures.




If you visit Lake Lucerne, they also offer a free city train ride. It’s quite a neat ride that takes you around the city where Lake Lucerne is located.




After exploring Lake Lucerne, we headed back home with fond memories of our road trip through the Swiss Alps. If you visit Switzerland during the summer, make sure to do a road trip through the famous Swiss Alps, you won’t regret it!

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