Should You Visit Wroclaw Poland? (Tourist + Digital Nomads)

Should you go to Wroclaw, Poland? When people think of going to Europe, Poland is not really on their list of must-see places. That is completely understandable especially when you have places like Rome, Paris, London, Santorini to compete with.

So who is Wroclaw, Poland for?

Before we go into that, let’s cover the major activities you can do while in the city.

City walking and sight seeing

If you enjoy walking around and sight seeing, then Wroclaw is definitely for you. There are many amazing sights and views to see all along the city centre and surrounding areas.

Here is a sample of what Wroclaw has to offer:

Canals in Wroclaw



Wroclaw Cathedral and view at the top




Japanese Garden in Wroclaw




Lover’s bridge



Wroclaw National Museum and exhibits




Panorama in Wroclaw



Wroclaw Fountain



City walking at night



I personally did all these sight seeing and adventures with friends I made either from doing Workaway volunteer work back in Poznan, Poland or with fellow Canadians I met in the city or already knew from back home.





Couchsurfing at Polish friend’s house



Besides sight seeing, who else is this beautiful city for?

The answer is: Digital Nomads

Wroclaw is one of the best places I’ve seen to setup base as a digital nomad. Why?

First, the city is very safe making it a relaxing place to live and get some work done without fear of your physical safety being in jeopardy.

Second, the prices are very affordable. After 8pm, you can get Polish or Chinese food for 50% off in the mall and you can really fill up and eat a lot. Groceries are cheap and eating out won’t break the bank.

Third, Polish people are very friendly and it is easy to make friends with the locals. In my two weeks in Poland, I’ve made friends with several Polish locals who I still keep in touch with to this day and I plan on visiting again in the future.

Fourth, the metro system is easy to use if you need to get around the city.

Fifth, the internet speed is pretty good and won’t be an issue when you’re trying to get some work done.

Finally, the city kind of reminds me of Chiang Mai, Thailand because it is very peaceful and relaxed. The city is not a high stress environment allowing you to feel at ease. Instead of draining your energy from the crazy hustle bustle of bigger cities, you can save your energy and focus on your online business.

The downside

The one downside I can see to living in Wroclaw is it is part of the Schengen territory. This means you can only stay here for 90 days max within 180 days otherwise, you will be in serious trouble.


And there you go! If you’re someone that loves sight seeing and walking around beautiful cities, then you can’t go wrong going to Wroclaw.

If you are a digital nomad trying to setup base in a relatively cheap country with good internet speed, then this city is also an excellent option.

So come to this city to see it’s beauty or live here for 90 days during the year and get some productive work done on your online business!

I know I will be back because it is one of my favourite places while travelling through Europe.

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  1. Glad you are enjoying Poland. Just met a young lady from Poland here in Quito and yes they are friendly and helpful. They are eager to share their experiences and tricks and tips for long term travel. Very gutsy, cheap, happy travellers on the road.
    I hope to one day revisit Poland but not now. Again happy travels. Angela

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