Belem Brazil – Why Should You Go There?

What’s in Belem, Brazil? Just like me, you probably never heard of this city before. Yet, despite being mostly unknown, it serves two very important purpose that I learned during my trip here.

First, it is right at the exit of the Amazon river flowing to the Atlantic Ocean. That means if you plan on starting a river journey up the Amazon river, then your journey must definitely start in Belem. You could also go the other way of course. If your Amazon river journey starts in Leticia, Brazil, then the final stop would be Belem Brazil.



Belem, Brazil also serves as one of the major airports that serve the countries in the Guianas. This means that if you plan on flying into or out of the Guianas, there is a high probability that you will be flying into or out of Belem.

Exploring the city of Belem

After a gruelling trip through the Guianas, I was very happy to finally arrive in Brazil. Upon arriving in the city, I checked in at Belem hostel that seems to be close to most of the major must-see spots and amenities.




After getting some badly needed rest, I decided to walk around the city for a bit. My first impression is that the city looks very old and beat up. However, at the same time, I never felt in danger at all. The city of Belem felt relatively safe despite its worn down appearance.

I decided to go to the shopping mall and experience being a normal human being again. After travelling in Venezuela and being paranoid all the time followed by an exhausting trip through Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana, I was sick of going on adventures and wanted to be relaxed and comfortable. The first thing I did was eat at McDonalds then watched Pirates of the Caribbean in the theatres. Then I went to the hostel to get some sleep.

The very next day, I met some cool Germans in the hostel that are now my friends and decided to team up together to further explore this important yet unknown city.


Teaming up with Sarah and Dominic



I needed to print some documents and decided to kill two birds with one stone by exploring the city. We started exploring the city’s port while looking for a place that could possibly help me print some important documents.

Along the way, my German friends ran into some bad luck as the ATM machine yet their debit card. Thankfully, they had a tweezer handy and managed to pull the debit card out of the machine. It was truly a miracle.

As we explored some of the nice sites the city has to offer, we managed to find a local tourist shop that allowed me to print my documents for free. I would have to say that Brazilians are some of the friendliest people I have ever met.

This story is not very exciting and I’m glad because I had enough excitement after Venezuela and the Guianas.

Regardless, visit Belem is quite pleasant and enjoyable. You can literally see everything in one day.







After an afternoon of exploration, we headed back and finished our trip through Belem.




Should you decide to travel to the Guianas or the Amazon river, you will definitely end up in Belem. Take your time exploring this city and have a pleasant time.


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