Complete French Guiana, Suriname, and Guyana Spending Breakdown

Travelling through Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana turned out to be a lot more expensive than I anticipated. With very little information online on how to do this trip, I had to rely on word of mouth and scattered articles I found on the internet. My French Guiana, Suriname, and Guyana spending ended up a lot more money than I’d like setting me back on my funds to complete my one year trip around the world. Regardless, I don’t regret crossing these three places because it was quite the adventure and it allowed me to compile better information for those who want to try crossing through the Guianas.


Guyana spending


Complete 4 days Guyana spending breakdown

  • Bus from Lethem to Georgetown – $62.70 CAD (158 Reals or 10,000 Guyanaese Dollars)
  • Hitchhiking from the middle of the jungle to Georgetown – $26.33 CAD (4,200 Guyanese Dollars)
  • ATM Fee – $6.53 CAD (1,042 Guyanese Dollars)
  • Ferry from Guyana to Suriname – $19.69 CAD (3,140 Guyanaese Dollars)
  • 2 night stay at P&A Guest House – $50.16 CAD (8,000 Guyanese Dollars)
  • Taxi – $12.54 CAD (2,000 Guyanese Dollars)
  • Bus from Georgetown to Paramaribo – $50.16 CAD (8,000 Guyanese Dollars)
  • Food – $37.62 CAD (6,000 Guyanese Dollars)

Grand totals:

Total Guyana spending: $265.73 CAD (42389.38 Guyanese Dollars)

Average daily Guyana spending: $66.43 CAD (10,596.91 Guyanese Dollars)

Guyana would have been cheaper if our driver wasn’t a smuggler and left us to be stranded in the jungle. We ended up paying a random passing pickup truck to let us ride with him to Georgetown increasing the cost of my trip. On the bright side, at least we arrived safe and sound.


Guyana spending


Complete 3 days Suriname spending breakdown

  • Suriname tourist card – $45.63 CAD ($35 USD or $262.76 Suriname Dollars)
  • Marriott Hotel 2 nights stay – $13.04 CAD ($10 USD or 75.08 Suriname Dollars) + 15,000 Marriott Points
  • Taxi – $6.95 CAD (40 Suriname Dollars)
  • Food and groceries – $22.04 CAD (126.9 Suriname Dollars)
  • Boat ride across Suriname and French Guiana border – $3.47 (20 Suriname Dollars)
  • Shared van from Paramaribo to Albino (French Guiana border) – $13.89 CAD (80 Suriname Dollars)

Grand totals:

Total Suriname spending: $105.02 CAD (604.75 Suriname Dollars)

Average daily Suriname spending: $35.01 CAD (201.60 Suriname Dollars)

Total Points and Miles spent: 15,000 Marriott Points for 2 night stay at Courtyard Marriott Paramaribo

Suriname is my favourite of the three Guianas. The price here is cheap, and it’s not as difficult to travel as the other two places.


Guyana spending


Complete 2 days French Guiana spending breakdown

  • Best Western Hotel 1 night stay – $26.70 CAD (18 Euros) + 24,000 Best Western Points
  • Taxi from Suriname border to Cayenne – $70.59 CAD (30 Euros and 20 USD)
  • Food – $11.57 CAD (7.8 Euros)
  • Taxi to the airport – $59.35 CAD (40 Euros)

Grand totals:

Total French Guiana spending:  $168.21 CAD (113.47 Euro)

Average daily French Guiana spending: $84.11 CAD (56.74 Euro)

Total Points and Miles spent: 24,000 Best Western Points for 1 night stay

French Guiana is so expensive that I’m glad I only stayed two days. Only go here if you have lots of money saved up. I highly recommend crossing through French Guiana quickly to avoid getting killed financially.


Guyana spending


Complete cost to cross all three Guianas

  • $538.96 CAD (to cross the Guianas by land) + Flight out of French Guiana with Suriname Airways $251.73 CAD (169.81 Euro) = $790.69 CAD or $87.86 CAD per day for 9 days.

Could you cross through the Guianas cheaper? Yes, of course you can if you hitchhike through French Guiana and couchsurf. However, if you plan on paying for accommodation, then the price I have above is a good measure on how much it will cost you. Should you attempt crossing through these three “countries”, I give you much respect because it is not an easy endeavour.

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