Complete Jeju Island, Beijing, Taiwan, and Indonesia Spending Breakdown

To wrap up the Asian part of my one year trip around the world, I had to travel quite fast to hit all the major travel spots that I wanted to visit before leaving this region. This has made my Jeju Island, Beijing, Taiwan, and Indonesia spending go up a bit.

As you know, the longer you stay in a country, the cheaper it will be. Mainly because you don’t have to pay for taxis as frequently and you’ll learn where to find the best deals in the city. Typically, you will pay higher prices during your first few days in a city just cause you don’t know where to buy things for a good price.

Regardless, it is also important not to be a perfectionist and my goal for this final segment of my Asia trip was to see two of the Seven Wonders of Nature: Jeju Island and Komodo Dragon Island. And of course, I wanted to see one of the Seven Wonders of the World: the Great Wall of China.

Complete 3 days Jeju Island, South Korea spending breakdown:

  • Bus – $5 CAD (4000 WON)
  • Heritage Site Day Tour – $92 CAD (75,000 WON)
  • Bus transfer to Seoul Incheon Airport – $8 CAD (6,500 WON)
  • Flight from Hong Kong to Jeju Island – $38.55 CAD (31,766.83 WON)
  • Food and water – $15.50 CAD (12,400 WON)
  • Goodstay at Lyndon Hostel – $36.33 CAD ($26.50 USD or 30,000 WON)

Grand totals:

Total Jeju Island, South Korea spending: $195.38 CAD (161,064 WON)

Total Jeju Island, South Korea spending without flight: $156.83 CAD (129,297 WON)

Average daily Jeju Island, South Korea spending: $65.13 CAD (53,688 WON)

Average daily Jeju Island, South Korea spending without flight: $52.28 CAD (43,099WON)

Total points and miles spent: 7,500 British Avios Miles


Indonesia Spending


I loved my time in Jeju Island, South Korea. This is one of those places I wish I spent more time in. I can see myself living here for a month easily and having a great time. It’s such a peaceful island and there are tons of things to see and places to explore. The only downside is that prices aren’t cheap. Unless you like living off fast food, then eating out is very pricy and it’s better off you cook your own meals.

Complete 3 days Beijing, China spending breakdown:

  • Korea Air flight from Jeju Island, South Korea (connecting to Seoul) to Beijing, China – $362.85 CAD (1,824.56 Yuan)
  • Bus – $2.78 CAD (14 Yuan)
  • Taxi – $30 CAD (155 Yuan)
  • 877 Bus to Badaling Great Wall of China – $2.39 CAD (12 Yuan)
  • Subway Train – $6.56 CAD (33 Yuan)
  • Beijing Sunrise Hostel – $20 CAD ($14.46 USD or 100.62 Yuan)
  • Water – $2.59 CAD (13 Yuan)
  • Food – $11.63 CAD (58.5 Yuan)
  • Badaling Great Wall of China Entrance Fee – $7.95 CAD (40 Yuan)
  • Denied boarding flight from Shenzen Airline flight from Jeju Island to Beijing – $36.60 CAD (184.14 Yuan)

Grand totals:

Total Beijing, China spending: $483.35 CAD (2,435.82 Yuan)

Total Beijing, China spending without flight: $83.90 CAD (426.17 Yuan)

Average daily Beijing, China spending: $161.12 CAD (811.94 Yuan)

Average daily Beijing, China spending without flight: $27.97 CAD (142.06 Yuan)

Total points and miles spent: 20,000 Aeroplan Miles


Indonesia Spending


I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed my time in Beijing, China. One funny thing that happened to me was when I was trying to get a taxi from the airport to my hostel. They originally quoted me about $90 CAD in Chinese Yuan which is ridiculously expensive. Then, out of nowhere, turns out I can speak very broken Mandarin (I think it’s my Chinese DNA awakening because I can’t speak Mandarin at all) and suddenly, they dropped the price by 1/3! I ended up paying $30 CAD in Yuan equivalent and even got a receipt.

The Great Wall of China was amazing and I’m a little bit choked that the Forbidden Palace was closed when I visited. Oh well, I suppose it gives me a reason to return to Beijing one day to see the Forbidden Palace, the Summer Palace and also the Ming Tombs.

Complete 1 day Taiwan spending breakdown:

  • Hey Bear Capsule Hotel – $12.50 CAD ($8.45 USD or 254.29 NTD)
  • Beginning Guest House (includes airport transfer) – $39 CAD (856 NTD)
  • Taxi – $9.15 CAD (200 NTD)

Grand totals:

Total Taiwan spending: $60.65

Average daily Taiwan spending: $60.65/day

I only stayed one night in Taiwan as part of a 23-hour layover flying from Beijing, China to Bali, Indonesia. To my surprise, I had a really pleasant time here and will definitely return to this country one day to explore it further. Unfortunately, I missed staying at my original hostel booking at Hey Bear Capsule Hotel because it turns out it was really far from the airport and it was cheaper to book an accommodation closer than to pay the insane taxi price.

Complete 5 days Indonesia spending breakdown:

  • Flight from Beijing, China to Bali, Indonesia using Aeroplan Miles – $17.50 CAD (170,067 IDR)
  • Laundry – $3.70 CAD (36,000 IDR)
  • Komodo Dragon One Day Tour – $43 CAD (400,000 IDR)
  • Komodo Dragon Island Park Fee – $35 CAd (330,000 IDR)
  • Taxi (used 5 times) – $33 CAD (314,000 IDR)
  • ATM Fee – $6 CAD (58,309 IDR)
  • Airport transfer from hostel – $5.15 CAD (50,000 IDR)
  • 2 nights at Bajo Nature Backpackers – $20.58 CAD (200,000 IDR)
  • 1 night at Holiday Inn Express – $41.14 CAD ($30 USD or 399,803 IDR)
  • 1 night at Low Cost Bed & Breakfast – $11.60 CAD ($8.46 USD or 112,730 IDR)
  • Food – $8.76 CAD (85,100 IDR)
  • Water – $3 CAD (29,000 IDR)
  • NAM Air from Bali to Labuan Bajo – $53.92 CAD (524,000 IDR)
  • NAM Air from Labuan Bajo to Bali – $62.36 CAD (606,000 IDR)

Grand totals:

Total Indonesia spending: $344.71 CAD (3,349,926 IDR)

Total Indonesia spending without flight: $327.21 CAD (3,179,859 IDR)

Average Indonesia spending: $68.94 CAD (669,965 IDR)

Average daily Indonesia spending without flight: $65.44 CAD (635,952)

Total points and miles spent: 20,000 Aeroplan miles


Indonesia Spending

Indonesia Spending


I have really mixed feelings about Indonesia. Without a doubt, landscape wise, this is one of the most beautiful places on planet Earth. However, the people are really a mix bag. Most Indonesians are nice but the corruption here is ridiculous. I took the same taxi from the airport and I paid a different price every time. Price gouging is rampant here and you really need to be heartless when it comes to bargaining.

The locals are quite nice and I really liked them. I find that Indonesia is like the broken up version of Malaysia. They speak a very similar language but the culture is quite different despite both being a Muslim country (actually, Indonesia also has a strong Hindu and Catholic presence).

Anyways, I haven’t visited the other Indonesian island and haven’t gotten a chance to really explore Bali since I focused my attention on Labuan Bajo and Komodo Dragon Island. I will definitely return here one day but not without getting my diving certification first.

Overall, this final Seven Wonders of the World and Nature hopping during my last bit in Asia was a truly exciting experience and I can’t wait to explore this region thoroughly in the future.

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  1. Hi Kendrick I am enjoying your reads. I am planning on starsting a journey end of July but I feel overwelmed with flight options! I have most of my miles in Aeroplan and some in MR. What do u think about mini rtw verses booking trips in segments. I want to go for about 6 mths and my destination is Africa and i need a stop in the Maritimes. There are so many options and since Im a newbie it can be very overwelming! Lol! Do you have any tips that you might want to share? Wuld always appreciate! Also i was looking for a way to self refer the spg credit card but yet to be able to do that. I have the Amex gold n it seems to allow a self refer for the platinum and business platinum. I would be happy to accept a referral from you if i strike out ! 5,000 points is always a nice bonus! Lol!

    Happy Journey,

    1. Hi Marlene,

      How much Aeroplan miles do you have? I can give you better advice if I know how much Aeroplan miles you have handy to book your trip. In general, it’s better to use mini-RTW if you are using your Aeroplan miles. Since you plan on going to Africa with a stop to the Maritimes, I think this is a good use of your miles.

      My question to you is:
      – How much time do you need in the Maritimes?
      – Which countries in Africa do you plan on visiting?

      I’m not 100% sure if self-referring the SPG card works. My sister claims she has done it successfully but when I tried, it didn’t work for me. We are getting our other sister to try it right now to see if it would work.

      Definitely try doing the self-refer trick to get that extra 5,000 points with the platinum cards. The platinum cards are amazing if you are going to a lot of airports that accepts priority pass. Since you’re gone for 6 months, then perhaps the personal platinum card would be better since the Business Platinum only allows you free lounge access at AMEX Centurion lounges and they don’t have any in Africa.

      Anyways, once you’ve provided me answers to my questions, I’ll be able to give you better advice. 🙂

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