My Complete 3 Day India Spending Breakdown (New Delhi and Taj Mahal)

My three day India spending could have been better but no regrets, I had a great experience in that country!

3 days India spending breakdown

  • Air India Flight from Bangkok to New Delhi – $53.90 CAD (2,425.5 Rupee) and 27,500 Aeroplan Miles
  • India E-VISA – $64.72 CAD (50 USD) (2,912.4 Rupee)
  • Taxi from Airport to Hostel – $8.88 CAD (400 Rupee)
  • Taxi Driver Tip – $2.22 CAD (100 Rupee)
  • Train from New Delhi to Agra – $16.78 CAD (755 Rupee)
  • Sleeper Train from Agra to New Delhi – $11 CAD (495 Rupee)
  • Taj Mahal Entrance Fee – $22.22 CAD (1000 Rupee)
  • Tour Guide Tip – $2.22 CAD (100 Rupee)
  • Taxi Agra Tour – $5.56 CAD (250 Rupee)
  • Taxi Agra Tour Tip – $0.44 CAD (20 Rupee)
  • Money exchange fee – $0.44 CAD (20 Rupee)
  • Toilet fee – $0.22 CAD (10 Rupee)
  • Food – $30 CAD (1350 Rupee)
  • Tuk Tuk from New Delhi Train Station to Hostel – $3.78 CAD (170 Rupee)
  • Tuk Tuk driver tip – $0.44 CAD (20 Rupee)
  • Taxi from Hostel to New Delhi Airport – $6.67 CAD (300 Rupee)
  • Madpackers Hostel – $33.29 CAD (1,498 Rupee)

Total India spending: $262.78 CAD (11,825.1 Rupee)

Total India spending without flight: $208.88 CAD (9,399.6 Rupee)

Average daily India spending: $87.59 CAD (3,941.7 Rupee)

Average daily India spending without flight: $69.63 CAD (3,133.2 Rupee)

Aeroplan Miles spent: 27,500 Miles


india spending


India is surprisingly not cheap for tourist. The E-VISA is overpriced at $50 USD to enter the country. Also, if you don’t want to risk getting “Delhi belly” and eat at more reputable places as oppose to street food, then you have to pay quite a bit of money.

However, don’t let the price stop you from visiting the country. The Taj Mahal is definitely worth it and I’d say just budget accordingly when going to this country.


india spending


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6 thoughts on “My Complete 3 Day India Spending Breakdown (New Delhi and Taj Mahal)”

  1. Helpful post indeed. And nice to see people like you coming to our country and spending a good time. I’m sure this post will be help to many other tourists. Thanks for sharing !

    1. Hi Atulmaharaj, glad you like the post! I had a good time coming to India and recommended my family to come visit and at least see the Taj Mahal!

  2. Divi bharadwaj

    I have never heard more such crap in my life…wwhich flight from bangkok to new delhi cost 54 $. ..and secondly u think the visa is over priced u know how much we need to shell out for a canadian visa plus the irritating documents required with it….anyways apart from all this i hope u enjoyed ur stay…

    1. Hi Divi Bharadwaj, I spent $54 for the flight because I used frequent flyer miles as I mentioned in the blog post. And you’re right, I don’t know how annoying the documents required for Indians to go to Canada, I heard it’s even worst for people trying to go to the USA. I had a great time in your country and I recommended to my sisters that they should come check it out.

    1. For local Indians, it is cheap because you know all the deals and tricks in your country; but for tourist, it’s not that cheap because we get scammed. Thailand is the cheapest country I have ever visited. With that being said, I still think India is an amazing place to visit and I had a great time there.

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