Palawan Exotic Foods You Must Try While You Are in Puerto Princesa Philippines

Going to the city of Puerto Princesa means trying different Palawan exotic foods. Some of them looks appealing, some of them looks kind of scary. Regardless, you might as well try some new foods and get a taste of local cuisine!

Palawan exotic foods #1: Tamilok

Probably the most gross looking of them all, is the Tamilok. What exactly is Tamilok? Well, it is basically a worm. A wood worm to be exact. You eat it raw dipped in vinegar. It’s still slimy as if it’s still alive. My cousin actually liked it!

What does it taste like? Strangely enough, it taste like oysters; though, it also has an after taste that I didn’t quite like. Despite Tamilok actually not tasting bad, the thought of eating a slimy worm is still unsettling. I probably won’t do that again but it as definitely worth a try!

Palawan Exotic Foods

Palawan Exotic Foods


Palawan exotic foods #2: Croc Sisig

Have you ever eaten crocodile? It actually taste really good. The first time I’ve ever eaten one was in a cruise in the Caribbean. When I got a chance again to eat crocodile in Palawan, I was very excited to get a taste of croc meat once again!

Sisig is a traditional Philippine cuisine and instead of using pork, they used croc meat instead. The result? Deliciousness.

As an added health bonus, croc meat aids individuals with asthma! Apparently, while it is good to eat croc meat, it’s not good to eat too much because of its high cholesterol content.

Palawan Exotic Foods


You can sample both dishes in Kalui, a popular local restaurant in Puerto Princesa.

Palawan Exotic Foods


Palawan exotic foods #3: Noki Nocs Halo Halo

Okay, this is really not an exotic food but it’s a local speciality that you can’t get anywhere else in the Philippines. As a matter of fact, in my personal opinion, this is the best halo halo I have ever eaten in my entire life. My mouth is watering just looking at the picture of Noki Nocs halo halo!

Noko Nocs halo halo is unique with its simple ingredients of: shaven ice, condensed milk, flan, red bean, banana, cassava, corn flakes, pinipig (rice crispy), langka (jack fruit), and ice cream.

Palawan Exotic Foods


While you’re already in Noci Nocs, eat the halo halo with their tasty palabok! (Philippines special rice noodle dish)

Palawan Exotic Foods


So there you go! After you do a tour of the famous Puerto Princesa Underground River, head back to the city of Puerto Pincesa and try all these yummy exotic foods!

Palawan Exotic Foods


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