Puerto Princesa Underground River – One of the Seven Wonders of Nature (23+ Pictures!)

I wasn’t sure what to expect before seeing the famous Puerto Princesa Underground River in person. Sure it has the label “One of the Seven Wonders of Nature” but does it really live up to the hype? Formally known as the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, this is the world’s second longest underground river.

I was planning on staying at my cousins house during my time in Philippines. Before I left Canada to go on my one year trip around the world, I spoke to Candy (my cousin) if we can all go to Palawan together and see this famous underground river.

She said “of course!” and being the awesome planner, she quickly went to work putting together the itinerary for this big trip! Ironically enough, despite being born in Philippines, I’ve have barely gone to any tourist attractions in this country.

Fast forward several months later, I arrived in Philippines. Unfortunately, due to illness, my cousin Candy was now unable to come with us to the Puerto Princesa Underground River. She then put her older brother in charge of getting us to this world wonder.


At the present moment, the only international flight that goes to the island of Palawan is from Taiwan. However, this is soon changing as they plan to open more flights.


Cebu Pacific flight with my cousin Archie and his girlfriend Carol

Puerto Princesa Underground River


We took Cebu Pacific Air from Manila to reach the island of Palawan and landed in the city of Puerto Princesa. Because Palawan is part of Luzon which is one of the three provinces of the Philippines, the main language spoken here is Tagalog. However, don’t fret as the entire Philippines can speak English. Language barrier will never be a problem for those looking to visit this underrated country.




Booking a tour to Puerto Princesa Underground River

My cousin Archie booked our tour through Canvas Hotel (our accommodation in Palawan) who then contacted the company called Explore Island to operate and coordinate the actual tour to the underground river.



The price of the tour per person is P1840 ($52 CAD) including the environmental fee.

Booking the tour with Explore Island comes with the following:

  • 6:30-7:00am pick up – Pickup time varies because they pickup tourist one by one from different hotels
  • Underground River tour including audio guide
  • Includes boat transfer to and from the town of Sabang
  • Lunch buffet
  • Hotel drop-off

I was very happy with the tour company’s service and our tour guide Tina was friendly and accommodating to all of us. We also had one of the friendliest tour group members I’ve ever met! After the tour, a bunch of us went out for dinner at a local seafood restaurant. We definitely had a good time!

The MAIN EVENT: Puerto Princesa Underground River

Oh man, honestly, as of writing this article, I have been to 25+ countries and the Puerto Princesa Underground River is definitely high up there in terms of the best places I have ever been seen. This is no exaggeration. Taking the boat ride from the city of Sabang to the beach of the underground river was great.


Then, you take awesome pictures at the underground river beach before heading off to inland to the underground river entrance.


The entire boat tour was really cool and listening to the audio tour guide was simply amazing. I can’t say enough good things about the Puerto Princesa Underground River. It’s one of those must see before you die kind of places (if you love seeing natural wonders).

More pictures of the Puerto Princesa Underground River

So to answer the original question: does Puerto Princesa Underground River live up to its hype? The answer is a resounding hell yeah!

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