Papua New Guinea: The 5 Benefits of Staying in an Air BnB in Port Moresby

Staying in an Air Bnb in Port Moresby will reap you many benefits! After traveling to Papua New Guinea, I can honestly say, it is the only affordable way to travel in this city unless you have piles of money laying around.

The five benefits of staying in an Air Bnb in Port Moresby

Benefit 1: It’s cheaper

Staying in an Air Bnb in Port Moresby is hands down the cheapest option. After comparing prices between and Air Bnb, the price difference is huge!

The cheapest hotel in Air Bnb cost $134 CAD and they don’t have any hostels available in the country. However, looking at the Air Bnb website, there are many options with prices starting at $40. You’re looking to save $80-$90 by choosing to stay in an Air bnb! prices in Port Moresby

Air Bnb in Port Moresby


Air Bnb prices in Port Moresby

Air Bnb in Port Moresby

Air Bnb in Port Moresby

Benefit 2: You usually get a free airport pickup and drop off

If you request it, most Air bnb host will give you free airport pickup upon arriving in the airport. If they don’t, then you can at least pre-arrange with them to get picked up by someone trust worthy.

Benefit 3: It’s safer

The key to staying safe in Port Moresby is knowing a local. One of the best way to get to know or befriend a local is by staying in their Air bnb. Since the locals knows the ins and outs of the city, you have a significantly better chance of staying safe.

When I travelled to Papua New Guinea, I was lucky I have a friend that lives there to show me around. He also happens to run an Air bnb himself. You can see his contact info at the bottom of this article.

Benefit 4: It’s Easier

Traveling in Papua New Guinea is not easy. Their tourist infrastructure is lacking (though I see progress being made!).

If you stay in an Air Bnb, your host can help you arrange your trip to other parts of the country. I never knew about the Highlands or Rabaul being amazing tourist destinations. I learned about this from the local expats who lives there and even told me they can help me arrange a trip there in the future should I return to the country.

Benefit 5: You’ll get a better experience

There’s nothing like getting the local experience. When I travelled to Papua New Guinea, my friend showed me around and I got to see the beauty of the city.

Air Bnb in Port Moresby



This is almost impossible to do if you don’t have a local guiding you. By staying in an Air Bnb, that’s exactly what you are going to get which is a local experience.

If you’ve never stayed in an Air bnb before, here is a link to get $38 off your first stay in any property.

Air Bnb in Port Moresby

If you’d like to stay in an Air bnb in Port Moresby, feel free to contact my friend Daniel Berry. The link on his name takes you to his linkedin account where you can get a hold of him. You can also get a hold of him via Facebook.

Air Bnb in Port Moresby


And no, he’s not paying me to mention him! He’s really a great host that showed me around the city and local attractions. Thanks to him, I got to know the country better and look forward to returning one day.

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