Brisbane Australia – The Smelliest Hostel I Have Ever Stayed At

Brisbane Australia gave me the most smelliest hostel experience in my entire life. Never in my life have I smelled something so foul that I actually fall asleep really fast when it was time to go to bed. However, I’m not saying that as a compliment, no one deserves to pass out from a horrible stench of a smelly hostel room!

Back to High School in Brisbane Australia

Going to Brisbane Australia was such a strange experience. I stayed at a hostel called Summer House Backpackers.

The price was affordable at about $15 CAD a night. This price is a steal considering how expensive everything in Australia is.

There is only one problem… At least 80% of the people staying in this hostel are young backpackers fresh out of high school from Germany or the UK who are looking to go on their first trip working holiday abroad. This means they are essentially teenagers that leave their stuff all over the place, partying all night and pretty much trashing the entire hostel in the process.

Check out that mess

Brisbane Australia


Look at the mess on the bed behind me

Brisbane Australia


However, the trash and the mess isn’t the worst of it. Hands down it is the odour that made staying here horrible. Because I was staying in a 10-person dorm, the stench from having so many bodies in one small place causes the room to smell so bad. Add in the smell of dirty clothes, dirty shoes, and weed (yes the teenagers were rolling weed all day) and you have one puke-inducing hostel dorm room.

In a way I was lucky because it could have been worst. I could have stayed in the 20-people dorm room. I can’t imagine how bad that would have smelled since the 10-people room was bad enough.

Oh and I forgot to mention…our aircon was constantly leaking water causing the carpet to get really damp thus creating bacteria that circulates around our room.

Suffice to say, I was quite happy to move on to my next destination after my seven day stay here.

Other bad stuff

The hostel’s kitchen was also cramped with so many people trying to cook in such a tiny space. The fridge was so packed with food, you have to struggle to find a spot to put your groceries in.


Brisbane Australia


Because Australia is so expensive, eating out will set you back a minimum of $17 per meal. Cooking your own food is the only way to survive this city if you plan on staying long term.

The good

At the very least, the washrooms were fairly clean. More importantly, the shower stalls was quite neat and tidy so at least I wasn’t dreading taking a bath everyday.

The hostel’s customer service was also quite good and the staff working on the front desk were always very cheerful and friendly.

The dorm rooms were also equipped with large lockers where you can safely store your belongings.

The verdict

If you ever go to Brisbane Australia, do yourself a favour and pay more money for a nicer hostel or just stay in a hotel. Your nose will thank you for it and you will have a more enjoyable time.

Beautiful sunset in Brisbane Australia

Brisbane Australia


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6 thoughts on “Brisbane Australia – The Smelliest Hostel I Have Ever Stayed At”

  1. Oh no, that really sounds bad! Can’t believe people leave their stuff all over the place.. It would drive me crazy as a backpacker, not be able to find my stuff quickly .. Hope your next stay at a hostel turns out to be a better one!

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  4. Holy Cannoli! That looks so horrible, I don’t think you could pay me to stay there- haha, okay maybe not- I’ve stayed in equally horrid places, like my room. But this is why I outgrew the novelty of hostels so early in my travels. I’d probably just sleep in a car. It was very brave of you to stay here! 🙂

    1. Haha yeah, it was definitely horrible! And thankfully, you never have to experience the disgusting smell that comes out of that room!

      I don’t think I was brave to stay there as I didn’t know it was going to be like that when I booked the accommodation. By the time I got there, it was too late and there’s no refund! 🙁

      If only all hostels are as nice as the ones in Thailand!

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