Visiting the Hong Kong Giant Buddha Statue On Top of a Mountain

Visiting the Hong Kong Buddha Giant Statue was a neat experience. Situated on top of a mountain, you can reach this iconic area by taking a tram or bus to the top.



The first thing I noticed was how cold it was up in the mountain. This was strange to me because Hong Kong is generally hot; but, for the first time while visiting this place, I actually had to wear a jacket!

As you walk towards the Hong Kong Giant Buddha Statue Area, you are greeting by warrior statues right along the path. Each warrior represents a specific Chinese zodiac sign.



Further in the area, you can stand in a circular area to absorb the mountain’s “energy”. You can also purchase the red prayer sticks and make your prayer in the many prayer stations that cover the place.


Prayer area


After praying, Karen, myself and her aunts went to the vegetarian only restaurant. We ate various different vegetarian dishes which was actually quite delicious and filling!




Finally, we set our eyes towards the main attraction: the Hong Kong Giant Buddha Statue. The climb to the top can be tough if you are out of shape. Because Karen and myself have been backpacking and hiking during our trip, we are in decent physical shape and made it to the top no problem.


The stairs to the Buddha statue


The peak of the Hong Kong Giant Buddha Statue boast a beautiful view of Hong Kong perfect for taking pictures.

After spending some time walking around the peak of the Hong Kong Giant Buddha Statue area, we went back down and proceeded to the shopping area. We noticed the diversity of tourist from all over the world visiting this pleasant place.

After Karen and her aunts completed their shopping, we took the tram back down and ended our day eating at the spaghetti house restaurant right below the tram area.

Overall, it was a pleasant day and I would recommend the Hong Kong Giant Buddha Statue if you want to visit a family friendly tourist destination.



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