Be a Kid Again in When You Visit the Hong Kong Science Museum

Going to the Hong Kong Science Museum is definitely a fun place to learn about our world! It’s the perfect opportunity to let your inner kid out as you interact with different interactive stations and see some really neat stuff.


Hong Kong Science Museum


The Hong Kong Science Museum covers topics from (and not limited to) the following:

  • Mining
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Technology
  • Electricity
  • Nutrition
  • Dinosaurs
  • Animals
  • Fitness
  • And many more!


Hong Kong Science Museum


I actually find it humorous going there because they show examples of ancient technology such as the type writer. I think to myself…people actually were using the typewriter as their keyboard when I was a kid and now it’s ancient history!

Many of the exhibits are interactive and gives you hands on experience to see how things work!

Hong Kong Science Museum

Hong Kong Science Museum

And some are just downright silly

Hong Kong Science Museum

Hong Kong Science Museum


With that being said, the Hong Kong Science Museum is definitely not a place to be serious. You go there to have fun and be a kid again as you explore and interact with different stations.

How to get there

To reach the Hong Kong Science Museum, simply take the subway and stop at Tsim Sha Tsui station. Once there, walk outside and ask for directions and someone will point out to you which way to walk. The building is above an outdoor escalator and it’s pretty easy to spot once you get there. It’s located close to the Hong Kong History Museum.

Hong Kong Science Museum



The cost to enter the museum is $20 HKD. If you are a “full time” student, they let you in for free. My friend Derek gave his UBC student ID and they let him through. Funny enough, he hasn’t been a student there for two years now. I guess any student ID works!

You can also pay with the Octopus Card which you can get at any 7-11’s. The Octopus card can be loaded with money and used at many facilities, subway and restaurants.

Hong Kong Science Museum


Have a blast when you visit the Hong Kong Science Museum and don’t forget to channel your inner child and be a kid again!

Hong Kong Science Museum

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