My Complete Singapore, Brunei and Malaysia Spending Breakdown

In this blog post, you will learn my complete Singapore, Brunei and Malaysia spending breakdown. That way, you can plan your trip better with detailed information on how much things cost.

One night in Singapore spending breakdown

  • Aljunid@sg hostel – $17.29 CAD ($13 USD)
  • Uber (I used it twice) – $22.29 CAD ($22.29 SG)

Total spending in Singapore: $39.58 CAD (Canadian dollars and Singaporean dollars conversion were 1:1 when I went)

I only stayed for one night in Singapore because it was an overnight layover. We were in a connecting flight the very next morning to Brunei.


Aljunid@SG hostel is great for a cheap one night stay if you have a layover in Singapore

Malaysia spending

Three days in Brunei spending breakdown

  • Bank withdrawal fees – $10 CAD
  • Food – $28.50 CAD
  • Two night stay in Apek Utama Hotel – $40 CAD (It was actually $40 CAD per night but Karen and myself split the cost. In reality, it cost $80 for two nights)
  • Shampoo – $1 CAD
  • Taxi – $55 CAD
  • Ferry from Serasa to Labuan – $20 CAD (the price is a rough estimate because I forgot to write down the exact amount)
  • Flight from Cape Town, South Africa to Brunei – $153.60 CAD (Aeroplan miles redemption taxes)

Total three days spending in Brunei: $154.5 CAD (Canadian dollars and Brunei dollars conversion was 1:1 when I went)

Total three days spending in Brunei including the flight: $308.1 CAD

Average spending per day in Brunei: $51.50 CAD

Average spending per day in Brunei including the flight: $102.7 CAD

Brunei was definitely an expensive country to visit. I would recommend you just visit it but for no more than two nights before moving on to Malaysia. If I can do it all over again, I would stay in a hotel closer to the city centre even if it’s more expensive. By doing so, you can avoid having to pay for taxis all the time.

Aeroplan Miles spent: 90,000 miles (45,000 miles per person)


In front of Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque

Malaysia spending


I travelled really far to reach Brunei. Using my Aeroplan miles, I booked a flight from Cape Town South Africa all the way to Bandar Seri Begawan in Brunei. I had connecting flights in Johannesburg – South Africa, Perth – Australia and Singapore. Altogether, the journey from Cape Town to Brunei took 40 hours with four flight segments.


Eating spicy food in a restaurant in Brunei

Malaysia spending


*Side Note*

Karen was feeling weird leaving South Africa. She really loved that place and I can understand why. Once you travel to Africa once, you will always yearn to go back. Africa was just that awesome.

11 days in Malaysia spending breakdown

Malaysia spending


  • Air Asia flight from Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur – $47.23 CAD (160.34 MYR)
  • 1 night stay in Sepilok Jungle Resort – $23.47 CAD (the actual cost is $46.94 CAD or $35.93 USD but Karen and myself split the cost)
  • Food – $73.18 CAD (248.45 MYR)
  • SIM card + phone plan – $7.95 CAD (27 MYR)
  • Myanmar E-VISA Photo – $4.12 CAD (14 MYR)
  • Bus ticket from Kota Kinabalu to Sepilok (Orangutan Sanctuary) – $12.67 CAD (43 MYR)
  • Orangutan Sanctuary entrance fee – $8.84 CAD (30 MYR)
  • Bus ticket from Sepilok to Kota Kinabalu – $17.08 CAD (58 MYR)
  • Taxi (used 2 times) – $5.89 CAD (20 MYR)
  • Masada Backpackers Hostel (2 nights) – $28.1 CAD (We actually stayed two nights so the actual total cost is $56.20 or 190.8 MYR. Since we split the cost, the price is $26.51 per person for the two nights)
  • Uber (used two times) – $30.46 CAD (103.4 MYR)
  • Cinema tickets – $9.43 CAD (32 MYR)
  • Kuala Lumpur train ticket – $3.18 CAD (10.8 MYR)

Total 11 days spending in Malaysia: $271.60 CAD (922.09 MYR)

Average spending per day in Malaysia: $24.69 CAD (83.82 MYR)

Starwood Hotel points spent: 18,000 SPG points – redeemed 5 free night stay with Aloft Kuala Lumpur (I got upgraded to a much higher floor thanks to my Starwood Hotel Gold status. Click here to learn how to get hotel elite status faster and easier)

Best Western Hotel points spent: 16,000 BW points – redeemed 2 free night stay (I got upgraded to the presidential suite thanks to my Platinum Status)


Karen and myself ate this chicken and rice everyday in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia spending


My Malaysia spending was brought lower thanks to using my Starwood and Best Western hotel points. In reality, even without travel hacking, Malaysia is still a very cheap place to travel to.

I really loved travelling to Malaysia and would have to say, it is my second favourite country to visit during my one year trip so far. Brunei was great and perhaps in the distant future, I will return. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to fully explore Singapore, perhaps in the future, I will.



Hopefully, you found the Singapore, Brunei and Malaysia spending breakdown helpful. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, just let me know and I’ll do my best to help you out.

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    1. Thanks! We made a lot of mistakes when we were in the middle east and improved our spending habits since then. 🙂

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