Table Mountain in Cape Town South Africa – A Dream Come True

Going to Table Mountain in Cape Town South Africa has been a dream of mine for a long time. Long ago when Karen and myself just started dating, we were looking at a picture of a girl sitting on a rock on top of a mountain. We later found out she was sitting on Table Mountain.

I then promised Karen that one day, I will take her to Cape Town and we will be on top of Table Mountain.

Saving up for a journey of a lifetime

In April 2015, I ended up attending a Chris Guillebeau live filming session on travel at the CreativeLive studio in Seattle. As soon as I arrived in the studio, I was immediately inspired to travel around the world.

I then spent nearly two years saving up money and building up my frequent flyer miles account. Nothing was going to stop me from making my dream trip a reality. I always keep my word and my promise to Karen was that we will one day go to Table Mountain together.

Fast forward to October 2016, Karen and myself are nearing the end of our great South African road trip. Our final stop is a place we’ve been dreaming to go for a very long time.

We rode the cable car up the mountain. Unfortunately, as soon as we got to the top, all we can see is fog. Nonetheless, we were determined to see the infamous Table Mountain view.


Table Mountain


Table Mountain: A dream destination reached

We waited for a bit and eventually, the fog started clearing. The amazing view of the Cape Town became visible at the top of Table Mountain.


Table Mountain

Table Mountain


I can tell Karen is getting emotional. And I don’t blame her because this is one of those rare moments that I feel completely present. Seeing the view of Cape Town from the mountain represented so many things.

It represented all the obstacles we endured in life, career and relationship. The view represented hard work, dedication and perseverance. We worked REALLY HARD to make this trip happen. And we finally made it.

Gratitude overcame our body and mind. We were really glad to end our trip to South Africa on top of one of the Seven Wonders of Nature. And grateful we got to go on a trip of a lifetime.


Table Mountain


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