How to Save Money on Great White Shark Cage Diving in South Africa

Great White Shark Cage Diving? I’m not sure up for that. That’s what I thinking, at least, before I got there. All of a sudden, I signed myself up to a Great White Shark cage diving tour in Gansbaai, South Africa.

Ironically, one of my biggest fears with the whole Great White Shark cage diving thing is the price. Since I am travelling for an entire year, I need to budget my money carefully. I won’t be able to do every single touristy activity out there just for the sake of doing it. I have to pick and choose carefully to make sure I have the funds necessary to go to all the places I want to visit.


Great White Shark Cage Diving


Thankfully, from sheer luck, I found a way to save money on Great White Shark cage diving! Before I go through each steps, I want you to know that the Great White Shark cage diving is done in a city called Gansbaai in South Africa. There are several companies in the area that operates the actual shark cage diving experience. The agents you see online are not the actual companies that operate the shark cage diving in Gansbaai.

This means that regardless of what price you pay for your shark cage diving experience, you are going to get the exact same quality and service. Therefore, your goal is to pay as little as possible because there is no difference in prices!


Great White Shark Cage Diving


I found this out first hand when I went to pay for my shark cage diving experience. I found out that I am paying significantly cheaper than the other people in the lineup and we are getting the exact same experience! Most people were paying 1500 South African rands or more. That price is a little inflated and can be bargained down.

Here’s how to save money on your Great White Shark cage diving experience:

Step 1: Find a sale online

Typically, the different websites will be selling you shark cage diving in South Africa. Sometimes they will run a sale that will go for as little as 1190 South African Rands ($119 CAD). This is a pretty good price and I myself signed up for this amount.

Step 2: Cross reference the sale price with your hostel

When I did my shark cage diving experience, I stayed in White Shark Backpackers. The hostel owner will help you organize your shark cage diving experience. In my opinion, booking with your hostel is a good idea because their service is quite good and typically includes free drop off and pick up service.

However, prices also vary from person to person. I paid 200 Rand cheaper than my fellow hostel mates.

Step 3: Ask for a price match

Tell your hostel that you were offered 1100 Rand for the shark cage diving experience and ask for a price match. This is what I accidentally did when I booked my shark cage diving experience. I mistakenly thought I paid the agent 1100 Rand for my Shark Cage diving experience due from being disoriented after all the long drives I was doing. Turns out I actually paid 1190 Rand to the agency! However, the hostel owner agreed to price match and I went shark cage diving for 1100 Rand ($110 CAD)!

I was very happy for the price I paid! Thankfully, the quality of service we got during the entire experience was just as great as the price. We even got an awesome breakfast and lunch!


Great White Shark Cage Diving


So before you book your Great White Shark cage diving experience online, make sure to look for a sale Don’t pay more than 1200 South African Rand for this amazing experience!

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