Punch a Shark in Jeffreys Bay (Why You Should Do a Stopover in this City)

In 2015, professional surfer Mick Fanning was in the surfing championship held in Jeffreys Bay. All of a sudden, a great white shark appeared out of nowhere and dragged him under water. Mick Fanning managed to escape with his life by punching and kicking the shark.

The story has now become legendary in Jeffreys Bay.  I was surprised when I heard about it from the woman managing the hostel we stayed at.

So…what exactly is in Jeffreys Bay?

Jeffreys Bay is famous for its beaches. The waves are enormous and is the perfect surfing condition. The beaches are absolutely beautiful.


Jeffreys Bay


However, in my opinion, the best part about Jeffreys Bay is really the atmosphere and the vibe. It was the first city I went to while traveling in South Africa that I felt really safe in. I could almost let my guard down while hanging out in this city. You can tell the city is safe when you see white South African kids riding their bike on the street. You would never see that anywhere else in this country.


View of Jeffreys Bay from our hostel

Jeffreys Bay


I stayed at a hostel called Cristal Cove Backpackers which turned out to be the best overall hostel I stayed at in South Africa. There was a local Spar nearby which serves as South Africa’s grocery chain. Food in this country is quite fresh and I’ve always found it enjoyable to cook my own meals with quality ingredients.

Strangely enough, the city also has a higher than average population of Asians which is quite rare in South Africa. I actually saw bubble tea, Japanese and Chinese restaurants throughout the city.

If you ever plan on doing the Garden route road trip in South Africa, do what Karen and myself did and stay here for a couple days. You will thank yourself for the amazing opportunity to rest and relax in this city. And of course do some surfing!


Jeffreys Bay


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