What Time of the Year You Should Visit Victoria Falls in Zambia

Victoria Falls is a magical place, At least in all the pictures you see online and in magazines. Imagine a strong torrent of water smashing down a deep ravine. The mist blanketing the surrounding area leaving you at awe as you witness the power of nature.

So why is it that when I went there, Victoria Falls was dry? What? Yes, you heard me right, Victoria falls has no water!


Just a sprinkle of water left

Victoria Falls


Well, how can that be? How can this amazing UNESCO world heritage site suddenly run out of water? It can’t just dry up all of a sudden can it?

On top of Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls


Actually, it can, and it is the humans fault, as usual. As you can see, they built a dam nearby preventing the water from reaching the falls area during dry season. So unless you travel during the wet season, chances are, the waterfalls will barely have any water.

When should you visit Victoria Falls in Zambia?

The best time to see the falls at its full glory would be during and roughly after the rainy season. From February to May (June is okay, too), you will be able to see the magnificent falls instead of a dried up canyon wall.

If you are still determined to visit the falls during the dry season of October to November, then your best bet is to visit from the Zimbabwean side instead where the falls has a permanent flow.

Simply cross the Zambia-Zimbabwe bridge and head over to the falls from the Zimbabwe side.


Victoria Falls


The cost of the VISA to enter Zimbabwe is $50 USD. Apparently, the Zimbabwe side is also cheaper to do touristy activities.


I wish I did extra research before heading to the falls in October. Then I could have seen the falls at full power instead of just glancing at it from a distance in the Zimbabwean side. Don’t forget to bring a mosquito net, repellant and Malaria pills as Zambia is swarming with those annoying pest all year round.

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