The Best Hostel Customer Service in South Africa

The Best Hostel Customer Service in South Africa

Before entering South Africa, I had no idea what to expect. Many fears ran through my head because of how the media portrays this African country. Car jacking, robbery, theft, murder, if it’s bad, South Africa probably has it.

Shoestring Backpackers

Looking up reviews online on Shoestring backpackers, many individuals give the owner amazing feedback. The uninamous opinion is that Rob, the owner, has the best hostel customer service in South Africa.

Since the hostel is pretty close to the Johannesburg International Airport, I decided to pull the trigger and booked a room.

Shoestring backpackers also comes with a complimentary airport pickup and drop off. We decided to take advantage of this perk upon arriving in the airport and spoke to the Rob. He immediately told me where to wait for him and he picked us up when he said he would.

He helped us with our bags as he loaded his van with our belongings. As soon as we arrived in the hostel, I immediately started bombarding him with questions. The man was more than happy to answer each and every one of them and add his own personal opinion and advice based on his own experience travelling to all the places I told him about.

Rob himself is a backpacker and has travelled across South Africa and neighbouring countries. If you plan on visiting this African country, your very first step must be to stay at Rob’s Shoestring Backpacker because his customer service is second to none. He has a direct and blunt communication style and he told me straight up if I was making a good or poor planning decision.

He gave me truthful answers to my questions. I asked him if we were going to get car jacked in Johannesburg and he said yes we will. He then taught us how to navigate around the city to avoid getting car jacked and robbed.

Thanks to Rob, Karen and myself stayed safe during our entire stay in South Africa. We followed his advice and recommendations.


Basic accommodation with a very warm customer service

best hostel customer service


Going beyond for customers

Rob also went above and beyond what was required of him to do as the hostel owner. Our clothes were filthy after returning back from Namibia and he personally took our clothes to a laundry mat to get washed.

He showed us amazing hospitality and welcomed us in his hostel/home like we were family. If it wasn’t for him, I don’t know if we would have enjoyed our South African trip as much as we did. While the actual hostel itself looks old and outdated, Rob’s outstanding customer service made our stay very warm and comfortable.

I highly recommend his hostel to be your first stop should you visit this country. That way, Rob can tweak your itinerary and give you important safety tips on how to navigate through your itinerary. You will definitely experience the best hostel customer service in South Africa thanks to Rob.

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    1. Shoestring Airport Lodge (or Shoestring Airport Backpackers)! The owner, Rob, is awesome, even if his hostel could use some renovation. Everything you need to know about travelling in South Africa he can answer!

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