The Cost Breakdown of My 8 Days Travelling in Egypt

The cost breakdown of my eight days in Egypt was better than I expected! Because of the sudden devaluation of the Egyptian pounds, traveling to Egypt right now might just be the best financial decision you will ever make! You will definitely save a lot more money than when I went to this country.

Despite feeling like I was spending money left and right, especially with all the scams in Egypt, it looks like I didn’t do too bad after doing the cost breakdown!


Here is my complete cost breakdown during my 8 days in Egypt:

  • Entry VISA to Egypt – $25 USD (421.77 EGP) – You can buy this on arrival. They take credit card but they don’t like it so bring $25 USD.
  • Food and water – $123.44 CAD (740 EGP)


  • Uber Taxi – $13.33 CAD (80 EGP)
  • Hotel phone usage – $3.33 CAD (20 EGP)
  • Pyramids of Giza entrance fee – $13.33 CDN (80 EGP)
  • Egyptian Museum – $12.50 (75 EGP)
  • Egyptian Museum camera usage permit – $8.33 CAD (50 EGP)
  • Train from Cairo to Luxor – $20 CAD (120 EGP)


  • Train from Luxor to Aswan – $8.50 CDN (51 EGP)
  • Luxor Hostel (The New Everest Hostel – Amazing customer service, highly recommend!), mini bus ride, and tour to tourist sites, and breakfast – $40 CAD (240 EGP)
  • Karnak Temple entrance fee – $13.33 CAD (80 EGP)
  • Valley of the Kings entrance fee – $16.67 CAD (100 EGP)
  • Al-Deir Al-Bahari Temple entrance fee – $8.33 CAD (50 EGP)
  • Habu Temple (hidden gem in luxor, must see!) entrance fee – $6.67 CAD (40 EGP)


  • Philae Temple entrance fee – $10 CAD (60 EGP)
  • Ferry to and return from Philae temple – 80 EGP + 20 EGP tip = $16.67 CAD (100 EGP) *be firm about the cost of the ferry being no more than 100 EGP for your ENTIRE group, not per person*
  • Abu Simbel entrance and general tourist guide fee – $18.83 CAD (113 EGP) *Despite paying for a general tourist guide fee, you will not be getting a tour guide*
  • Aswan Hotel (breakfast included), Car transfer to Philae Temple, Abu Simbel and Airport – $52.50 CAD (315 EGP)
  • Washroom tip – $0.17 CAD (1 EGP)
  • Egypt Air Flight to Cairo from Aswan – $80 CAD (480 EGP)

Total Egypt Spending: $526.29 CAD (3,217.37 EGP)

Average daily spending during the 8 days spent in Egypt: $67.03 CAD per day (402.17 EGP per day)

Other spendings: Royal Jordanian Flight from Aqaba, Jordan to Cairo, Egypt: $249.91 CAD

Total Egypt Spending with Royal Jordanian Flight: $776.20 CAD (4,657.20 EGP)

Average daily spending with Royal Jordanian Flight: $97.01 CAD (582.15 EGP per day)


I spent $67.03 CAD ($50.11 USD) per day, to go to the must-see places in Egypt. You will pay a fraction of that thanks to the drop on the Egyptian pounds. Don’t wait until everyone bandwagons on this recent turn of event. Especially if you like photography because you don’t want people getting in your pictures!


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2 thoughts on “The Cost Breakdown of My 8 Days Travelling in Egypt”

  1. Hi

    Great blog, have been searching for someone to break down the travel plan and cost like this. Great work.
    Could I ask how did you get from aswan to abu simbel?

    1. Hi Jason,

      Glad to hear you are enjoying the blog! To answer your question, I booked my tour from Aswan to Abu Simbel through my hostel/hotel. Basically, I stayed at a hostel in Luxor called New Everest. Their service was great and the owner referred me to his cousin’s company in Aswan. I then booked it through his cousin upon arriving in Aswan. I don’t remember the exact name of the guy but if you stay or contact the New Everest hostel in Luxor, the owner can book the trip for you. They’ll pick you up on a mini-bus and it’s about a three hour drive from Aswan to Abu Simbel. You’ll see a big convoy of mini-buses heading towards Aswan starting at 4am which is the only time it runs.

      I hope this helps.

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