My Top 5 Favourite Egypt Tourist Destinations

While visiting this polarizing country, I managed to compile my top five favourite Egypt tourist destinations. My list of five will differ from other people.That’s okay, because what I find great someone else might think is terrible. How did I decide on which place deserves to be on my top five in Egypt? Simple. If I felt a sudden surge of happiness or when exploring a tourist spot, I added it to the list. The more intense my feeling of happiness, the higher it is on my list.

Without further delay, here is my top five favourite Egypt Tourist Destinations:

5) Temple of Karnak – Luxor

Egypt Tourist Destinations



Temple of Karnak was great. I really loved looking at the intricately designed pillars that covered the entire ground. The only downside to this temple was the sheer number of tourist that populated the place. Because the temple is easily accessible, more people tend to flock this popular Egypt tourist destinations.


4) Philae Temple – Aswan


Egypt Tourist Destinations


After traveling in Egypt for awhile, you might get sick. By that I mean sick of seeing temples. Or all “templed out”. Fortunately for Philae Temple, it manages to stand out from the rest. How? Because Philae Temple is the only temple located in the middle of the Nile River! That’s right, you need to take a boat to reach this island. While exploring Philae Temple, I felt like it was an Indiana Jones adventure. Take a look at this blog post’s headline image, that came from Philae Temple. Mysterious and beautiful!

Just as a side tip, when booking your boat to the temple, don’t pay more than 100 EGP. They’ll try and charge you per person, insist on paying no more than 100 EGP ($15 CDN) for your ENTIRE group.


3) Habu Temple – Luxor


Egypt Tourist Destinations

Talk about a hidden gem, Habu Temple was virtually deserted when my tour group visited this amazing place! Habu Temple was created by Egypt’s most cruel Pharaoh. He loved cutting off the limbs of anyone that displeases him. Thankfully, he is dead and you can enjoy taking amazing photographs of the temple he built. And don’t worry, your limbs are safe!

Don’t miss Habu Temple when you visit all the Egypt tourist destinations!

2) Abu Simbel – Aswan

Egypt Tourist Destinations

Abu Simbel is simply amazing. It was a hard decision to place it as number two because it could have easily been my number one. While the outside of Abu Simbel is spectacular, the inside halls and chambers are even more amazing. I got weird vibes and goosbumps looking at the ancient halls. It’s too bad they don’t allow photography inside. With that being said, I see people bribing the guard so they can take pictures inside. I guess money can buy you anything.

Abu Simbel is not really in Aswan but you will need to book a tour from that city to get there. The convoy leaves at 4am and it’s a three hour drive to reach this breathtaking monument. The long journey to Abu Simbel is worth it, don’t miss it when you go to Egypt!

As a side note, Abu Simbel was actually relocated because of rising water levels. The whole process was amazing and you can learn more about it in the Abu Simbel visitor’s centre (which is basically just a TV screen in a dark room).

1) Pyramids of Giza – Cairo



The moment I witnessed the Pyramids of Giza right in front of me, I immediately felt goosebumps. Many times I’ve seen pictures and videos of the Pyramids. I’ve seen it in books, TV, movies, and pretty much everywhere. Everyone knows the Pyramids of Giza and it’s relevance in this world. It is definitely in everyone’s bucket list of must see before they die.

For me, it wasn’t just a big triangle shaped structure. It’s one of the true wonders of the world. I felt emotional looking at this ancient tomb. And in a rare moment, I felt so much gratitude that I have the opportunity to see it in my life time.

The Pyramids of Giza is the only Seven Wonders of the Ancient world remaining today. And you won’t be disappointed when you see it in person.

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