14 Pictures of the Amazing Authentic Bedouin Wadi Rum Experience in Jordan

After watching the movie “The Martian” by Matt Damon, I immediately wanted to visit Wadi Rum. Also, because of its reddish colour, the desert that the Bedouins call home is a popular landscape for filming movies (Mars themed movies especially).

Don’t be fooled; however, because Wadi Rum’s beautiful landscape is not the only reason to visit this land! In reality, the hospitality of the Bedouin people that lives in this protected area makes visiting the famous desert even better.

If you are planning on going to Jordan anytime soon, make sure to book an overnight stay at the Bedouin camp. I went with a company called Bedouin Guides and it was definitely a good decision as their service was warm, authentic and amazing. Beware, make sure you book your Wadi Rum experience with a real Bedouin group and, not the fake one. Because of the growing popularity of this tour, fake tours are popping up promising a lower price point. Do not fall for this scam as they will take you to a desert that looks like Wadi Rum but is actually not.

When booking your Bedouin tour, you will be presented with many different options depending on the type of traveller you are. We personally picked the morning hike through Raqabat Canyon followed by an afternoon Jeep tour. Included in the tour was lunch in the desert, accommodation for the night, dinner, and breakfast. Overall, the Bedouin experience and tour of Wadi Rum is my favourite part of my trip to Jordan.

Raqabat Canyon

Wadi Rum

Bedouin guide cooking lunch

Wadi Rum

My sister Eunice eating lunch in the desert

Wadi Rum

Lawrence of Arabia’s House

Rock Arches

Cave with wall art and scriptures

Karen feeding the camel – they love apples

Bedouin camp

Overnight shelter – basic but comfortable

Sunset over the Bedouin camp

Bedouin’s cooking dinner – smells so good!

Wadi Rum

Bedouin dinner is served

Bedouin dinner – are you hungry yet?


In conclusion, Wadi Rum is one of Jordan’s best tourist attraction that you will love to visit. To be honest, I actually enjoyed my time in this desert more than Petra because of the more authentic experience thanks to the Bedouin people.

Have you been or planning on going to Jordan anytime soon? Comment below and share your thoughts, experience and questions!

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2 thoughts on “14 Pictures of the Amazing Authentic Bedouin Wadi Rum Experience in Jordan”

  1. Very informative & enticingI will definitely add wadi rum desert camping on my bucket list. Love your photos. Can you fly a drone?

    1. Yes, I didn’t see any rules that you can’t fly a drone, it should be okay! You’ll love the food in the camp,it was delicious and interesting to see how they cooked it.

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