My Complete 4 Days Spending Breakdown in Jordan

I wish my Jordan spending was a lot better than Israel. In reality, I think I did even worst in terms of spending in the popular Middle Eastern country.

So where did I go wrong in my Jordan spending?

The number one area where I messed up in my spending in Jordan is because of fast travel. Because I travelled so fast, I became exhausted more easily. As a result, it was easier to get taken advantage of by aggressive sales people. When all you want is a comfortable place to sleep, ravenous money hungry taxi drivers and sales people will go in for the kill and do whatever it takes to take all your money.


Upset that I overspent in Jordan



While the Jordan pass was my single most expensive expense, what really killed us was paying to stay in the Marriott hotel in Petra. Looking in hindsight, we should have not stayed there and found a hostel instead. We were originally banking on the idea that my sister’s Marriott hotel points can get us a free night stay there. Unfortunately, this did not happen as the hotel manager would not allow four people to occupy one room.


Nice hotel, but I shouldn’t have stayed there unless I had the points



They have some weird rules when it comes to hotel points redemption outside North America. It’s a business, I get it but traveling in the Middle East is definitely leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

Here is a complete breakdown of my Jordan spending:

  • Jordan Pass (includes entrance fee to Petra): $140 CDN (70 JOD)
  • Taxi:  $94 CDN (47 JOD)
  • Food and Water:  $18 CDN (9 JOD)
  • Accommodation (Two nights at Marriott Hotel, cost split in 2):  $120 CDN (60 JOD)
  • Wadi Rum Tour: 65 JOD ($130 CDN)

Total cost of traveling in Jordan: $502 CDN or 251 JOD
I spent a total of $167.33 CDN per day in my 4 days, 3 nights staying in Jordan.

If you are wondering why the food and water bill is on the low side, it is because we stayed in the Marriott in Petra where a breakfast buffet was provided. To save some money, we took some extra food during the buffet and ate them during lunch. Our Wadi Rum tour also included breakfast, lunch and dinner and that is why our food expense seems to be quite low. The only thing I would have done differently if I can do Jordan again is to not stay at Marriott Hotel and instead stay at a local hotel instead.


I vow not to overspend by traveling slower

jordan spending


The mistakes we made in Jordan will haunt is later on during my trip to Africa and Asia. Thankfully, we learned from this mistake and have been making better financial decisions.

Planning on going to Jordan anytime soon? Comment below and share your thoughts, experience and questions!

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