When you think of the Dead Sea, you think of a beautiful resort looking body of water where you can sit back, relax, go for a nice swim while sipping your favourite beverage. While this image may seem pleasant, the reality is quite different.


Dead Sea – Lowest Point on Earth

dead sea


Karen, my sisters and myself went to the Dead Sea expecting a relaxing beach life. Boy, we were in for a big surprise!

The Dead Sea is the saltiest body of water in the whole world. It is over 9 times saltier than the ocean. The sea is also located at the lowest elevation point on Earth at 429m below sea level. The high salt content of this body of water will allow you to float effortlessly.

Prior to visiting the Dead Sea, we just finished exploring Masada. After spending two hours under the sun, we had sun burns all over our arms and neck. To make matters worst, we’ve also been walking quite a bit and had blisters on our feet.

We made our way down towards the sea all excited and geared up with our GoPro to take amazing pictures and videos. The moment we took a dip in the Dead Sea, we immediately felt stinging pain all over our body!


The Dead Sea burning my eyes



What the hell! I thought this place was suppose to be relaxing and fun?!

Nope. Contrary to popular belief, the Dead Sea is actually not a fun place to be. The water will burn all your open wounds and sunburns. This place is also scorching hot and walking on sand will burn your feet.

No wonder this place is devoid of life. It is literally inhospitable and the beauty is a deadly trap waiting to harm any poor fool that steps foot in this deadly body of water.

We didn’t stick around too long. After taking the obligatory pictures and videos, we rinsed ourselves and left this god forsaken place.


Resting on the beach after being burned by the water and the sun

dead sea


It’s terrible experiences like that makes up for good storytelling later on. Do yourself a favour and visit this place but don’t stay too long if you value your health.

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