My First Terrible Hostel Experience – Jerusalem

After having a fun first hostel experience in Portland, I was surprise to have my first terrible hostel experience in Jerusalem.

After taking two buses and a train from Tel Aviv, Karen, my sisters and I arrived at Jerusalem.


Bus Ride to Jerusalem



We quickly hurried to the Post Hostel to check in and get some badly needed rest. The hostel has a good rating online so we assumed this would be a simple check in process. Unfortunately for us, sometimes ratings lie and we had the most frustrating check in experience ever.


Hostel Front Desk



The hostel had a huge lineup and apparently, many of the beds were not yet made. This caused a massive amount of frustration among backpackers looking to get some rest after the long transit to Jerusalem.

After three hours of waiting and complaining, we finally manage to settle in the room. Much to our surprise, they mixed up the bunk allocation making us wait some more. AFTER finally sorting out the bunk assignment, it turns out that for every four bunk beds, there was only three cabinet lockers. How does that even work? One person for every four beds will not have a way to secure their belongings. As I attempt to lock my belongings, the cabinet rips apart and now I can’t secure my stuff! I ended up having to share locker with one of my sisters for the duration of our stay in Jerusalem.


Broken Cabinet Locker in the Hostel



You’d think the terrible hostel experience would stop there. Nope. I wish. Two roommates in our room turned out to be quite rude causing a lot of problems with other backpackers. One was an older Korean guy that would open all the blinds and talk really loud on his cell phone bright and early in the morning. He would wake up all the sleeping backpackers from all the noise he would make. He was also very gassy causing his surrounding bunk mates to smell the stench he was expelling. Bringing an eye mask and ear plugs is standard when you stay in a hostel but a nose plug? How can I prepare for that?

The second rude roommate was a younger muscular French guy who completely took over the hostel space. His stuff was all over the floors and tables of the dorm room. He was your typical young guy that went out late into the night to party. He would sleep in the morning and get mad at backpackers who woke up early to get ready to explore the city. His favourite thing to do was make “SHHHHH” noises to fellow backpackers or make rude hand gestures to close the blinds or lights and prevent the sun or light from hitting his face. I ended up giving him an eye mask and he had a huge happy grin on his face. I really wonder why he didn’t think of bringing an eye mask or ear plugs to begin with.


The Hostel Looks Nice Despite the Disorganized Check In Process – Still a Terrible Hostel Experience

Terrible Hostel Experience


Despite the terrible hostel experience, at least the hostel’s breakfast was good.

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