Changing My Phone Plan to Fongo for My Round the World Trip

I just recently switched my phone plan from Fido to Fongo. I just can’t justify paying Fido $15 a month to keep my phone number while I travel.

After doing my research and asking other round the world travelers, my friend and previous guest speaker for Travel and Live Free, Patty Ho, advised me to switch to Fongo like she did. She explained to me that for $25, I can switch my number to Fongo and there is no monthly maintenance fee. I’ll also be able to make and receive phone calls to any Canadian or US number free of charge as long as I have wifi or data access.

After hearing all this money saving perks, I was sold on using Fongo! But wait a minute…is it really THAT good? There must be a catch or downside to this plan.

Yes, actually, you are correct.

Here are the downsides to using Fongo as your phone plan:

  • You must have wifi or data access otherwise you will not be able to make a call or receive text messages
  • Text messaging cost an extra $3 a month
  • You still have to purchase a data plan from a local or foreign mobile phone provider
  • There seems to be a one second delay when I talk on the phone and when the other person hears me

The one second delay will only affect you if you are an Android user (which I am, damn!). This means if you are using an iPhone, you will not have this issue.

Compared to the few downsides, here are the many upsides:

  • You can receive phone calls while overseas without getting charged as long as you are connected to wifi or data
  • You can simply use “Whatsup” to text my friends
  • $3 a month for a text messaging service is not that expensive
  • You don’t have to pay $15 a month to keep your phone number and phone plan
  • You no longer have to pay $60-$90 a month to have a mobile phone plan

With all the huge savings, it just makes sense to switch over to Fongo and avoid paying $700-$1000 a year on a phone plan! I’m overall happy with the switch and I can’t to test drive it once I start traveling.

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